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Netflix’s Quarterback doesn’t start well for 49ers fans

The first 15 minutes are absolute torture.

If you’ve even peeked at social media you’ve probably seen that Netflix’s new documentary Quarterback is out. You’ll notice this by all the influencers, insiders, etc. putting it over like it’s the next Tiger King. It is pretty darn good and insightful. Unfortunately it also carries a lot of negative emotions if you’re a fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

Well, the first 15 minutes of the first episode don’t start ideally.

While we are treated to Kirk Cousins reading The Big Book of Why to his kid and Marcus Mariota doing...well, whatever Marcus Mariota will do in this show, we also get a focal point of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. What’s the backdrop? His first Super Bowl win.

49ers fans know it as that Super Bowl. I’m not going to get into the elitism of Mahomes or how good/bad he played in that game, but that begins channeling frustration and anger in many a 49ers fan for a show that’s enjoyable for everyone else. For starters, that’s the game the 49ers lost. Not just lost, but blew a 10 point lead with less than 10 minutes to go. Right there, things are looking bad being reminded of that, but it gets worse.

One of the common criticisms of that aforementioned game was the officiating by Bill Vinovich and his crew. Again: we aren’t going into that, but the “Bosa was held” statement is still something screamed by fans. So why am I bringing that up?

Well, many fans aren’t exactly, well, fans of the Mahomes fanbase. The one that says “They never get the calls.” and one has never been more vocal than his wife Brittany Mahomes. And guess what? We get to see her for those first 15 minutes too, doing birthday parties, bantering with her husband all that sweet stuff.

So guess what 49ers fans? Not only are you treated to the quarterback who ripped your heart out and stomped on it, you also get to see his wife who has said no one respects this guy.

Aren’t sports fun?

To be fair, this is all seen through the lens of a 49ers fan. Being objective, there’s really nothing wrong with anything being shown here, or the people whose lives we are privileged to get an inside look of. That said, last time I checked (and Kyle has reminded me), I was a 49ers fan and being not even halfway through the first episode has me already bummed out on what probably is an amazing show.

Does it get better? Oh yeah, it totally does. At least I hope so. Even with my minimal viewing time, I’m on the bandwagon telling fans of football to watch it, even if the first 15 minutes provoke the same rage and frustration of the pizza guy not finding your apartment.

Now, I haven’t finished the series. Hell, I haven’t even gotten halfway through the first episode before I needed material for the weekend, but some have told me, “If you’re a 49ers fan, I’d be watching with caution, it gets worse.” I’m sure some of you have already plowed through this thing and will be informing me in the comments. Kyle even told me he heard it’s not going to end well. If that’s the case, expect a second post warning everyone what trauma we have repressed that will be brought back. Unfortunately, with The Quiet Room and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom taking my time, it’s hard to find a few minutes to watch this except before bedtime.

I think I’ll be back with more before this is over.