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Golden Nuggets: How do you think the battle for TE2 will shake out?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, July 15th, 2023

49ers having hard time finding receiving production from 2nd TE

“The bar for receiving from the backup TE spot in San Francisco is not very high. They’ve had 11 non-George Kittle tight ends play in a game since 2017. Here’s a quick refresher on that list of players: Logan Paulsen, Cole Hikutini, Garrett Celek, Cole Wick, Ross Dwelley, Levine Toilolo, Daniel Helm, Charlie Woerner, Jordan Reed, Tanner Hudson and Tyler Kroft.”

Mike Silver assesses likelihood of 49ers winning NFC West

“It should be their division,” Silver said. “It shouldn’t be close. But of course, there is a question at the most important position of all. If you told me Brock Purdy is going to be Brock Purdy and is gonna come back and play all season and it’s all going to be good, I would say we’re looking at the favorite to win the Super Bowl, but obviously that is a big if.”

Forget the QBs. Christian McCaffrey is the key to 49ers offense in 2023

“On 3rd down, McCaffery averaged 5.9 yards rushing, and 6.9 yards receiving last season. If you break it down further, McCaffrey averaged more yards per carry and per catch than the team’s down and distance last year, under 10 yards. Meaning, if it was 3rd and 1 to 3 yards, he averaged 5.6 yards on the ground, and 5.3 as a receiver. If it was 3rd and 4 to 6, McCaffrey rushed for an average of 8.3 and had 6.9 as a receiver. On 3rd down and 7 to 9 yards to go, he rushed for 9 yards per carry and had 8.3 yards per catch.”

15 49ers players with the highest salary-cap hits in 2023

“According to, the San Francisco 49ers currently own about $9.61 million in salary-cap space, the ninth-least amount of any NFL team. Only the Broncos, Titans, Seahawks, Bills, Giants, Raiders, Buccaneers, and Chiefs have less available money.”

49ers teammate eager to see how defenses play against Brock Purdy in 2023

“That’s what I’m interested to see because he already kind of got some of those early tests that a normal young quarterback would get,” Juszczyk said. “Usually, it’s, ‘Heat him up, let’s see what kind of decisions he makes under pressure.’ Now it’s like, do you just play him like a normal quarterback? Are there things that he kind of gives away? I don’t know. I haven’t done that evaluation of him. Honestly, I’m interested to see, too, how people play him.”