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Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw top Bucky Brooks’ top Off-Ball Linebacker Duo

Sounds about right. Don’t the 49ers have more though?

We’ll be going everywhere and back again about the “best” players in the NFL, but what about the best dynamic duo? Batman always needed his Robin, Davey Havok always needed his Jade, and football always needed a good pair of players at specific positions.

Over at, Bucky Brooks ranked each duo by position. The San Francisco 49ers won the spot for “Off-ball” linebackers with Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw. I’m sure by posting this I’ll get gifs of Greelaw blocking the Seahawks touchdown (not just allowed, but encouraged), but when you look at linebacker duos in the league, there’s not much better than Warner and Greenlaw.

Here’s what Brooks had to say about these two:

The collective speed and athleticism of the 49ers’ off-ball linebackers creates headaches for opposing offenses. Warner and Greenlaw are tackling machines with outstanding range as sideline-to-sideline defenders. As explosive athletes with superb instincts, awareness and diagnostic skills, they excel at shutting down plays between the numbers at the second level. Given their production last season (257 combined tackles, two sacks, 16 passes defensed and two interceptions) and impact as part of an elite defense, Warner and Greenlaw are the gold standard at the position.

I’d like to take this time to remind everyone, “KyLe ShAnAhAn CaN’t DrAfT”

Ok, back to serious talk. I don’t think there’s a more aggressive duo than these two. Fred Warner is an absolute stud on the field and Dre Greenlaw is right behind him. The latter proved he was the man early and that’s why he got paid last year.

As far as other duos, the 49ers had a shot at making the Defensive Tackle position also (with Arik Armstead and Javon Hargrave, respectively) but Washington Commanders tackles Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen were put ahead of them at No. 1.

I do wonder about the 49ers running backs. I don’t expect the tandem of Christian McCaffrey and Elijah Mitchell to be No. 1 but for them to not be mentioned at all seems a bit odd. Those two when healthy are absolutely deadly, especially in the Kyle Shanahan offense. That combo is pretty darn good and having Aaron Jones/AJ Dillon as the top duo? Maybe I’m alone here thinking that’s strange.

I don’t think there’s much argument for Greenlaw or Warner though. What other duos do you think the 49ers have that should be No. 1 in the NFL?