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Punterville State of the Punter: Check out Mitch Wishnowsky’s workout videos

Mayor of Punterville here.

Citizens, there’s always an argument outside of Punterville concerning when you train your abs. Some say never do it, as you’ll clinch your core doing normal workouts like the bench press. Others say training abs twice a week has some help.

I’m sort of in the middle, but I love me a good ab workout. The feeling of stomach muscles sore the next day is as good as any other workout you overtrain yourself. Me? I just do leg lifts and crunches. But Mitch Wishnowsky, our Punter President does things a different level. Punterville ambassador Alex Tran has informed me of an emergency meeting. One that we needed to have just to marvel in the sheer amazingness of Mitch Wishnowsky, doing this:

I can’t do that. Can you? To add insult to my own injuries, I can’t even touch the ground after grasping the handles of a pully station like he is. And “I can do that but I don’t wanna,” Is NOT an acceptable statement in the comments.

Now that said, I am going to try this very ab circling workout and whether I can do it or not is irrelevant. The fact our own Mitch Wishnowsky has a workout that surpasses anything any mortal man can do is impressive.

The Punter offseason workouts are in full swing. And we all know we need punters to make this whole thing work. Citizens, you know what time it is:


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