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Golden Nuggets: Kyle Shanahan offers interesting glimpse into QB psychology

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, July 17th, 2023

Why Shanahan won’t dial up Hail Mary play before halftime

“I’ve called plays long enough,” Mike said to Kyle early in his career. “Do you know what it does to a quarterback when he comes out in the third quarter and he has two picks up on that scoreboard instead of one?”

Kyle Shanahan initially rejected that thought process, responding that quarterbacks shouldn’t care so much about their individual stats. But then he learned his dad’s lesson the hard way.

“Five years later, I’m not calling that Hail Mary,” Shanahan said. “‘That just messed up my quarterback. He had two picks that weren’t his fault, then he threw a third on a Hail Mary and now I can’t get him to throw the ball in the second half.”

5 questions as the 49ers head into training camp

“This year’s fan-favorite could be undrafted free agent rookie defensive linemen Spencer Waege from North Dakota State. Waege, who was projected to be a late pick in this year’s NFL Draft, went undrafted but was picked up by San Francisco. Despite playing in the Missouri Valley football conference, Waege could benefit from the strongest defensive line in the NFL with Bosa, Arik Armstead, and free agent signings Javon Hargrave and Clelin Ferrell.

In his five years with the Bison, Waege’s intensity would line up inside and on the edge. As a three-year starter, he had 138 tackles and 20.5 sacks.”

Things to know for fans attending 49ers training camp

“Aside from things like camp battles and players on the roster bubble, there are some rules and tidbits for fans to keep in mind when they go:”

There’s one sport Steve Young plays right-handed

“I didn’t have the money nor the interest at the time to special order lefty clubs,” Young said. “I’m lefty in everything, so I just learned to play righty, and as my caddie Lionel will say, that’s probably half the problem.”...“He was offended,” Young said of Vick regarding his right-handed playing. “True lefties like I am are a little offended by that, so I think I offend myself a little bit by this.”