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Golden Nuggets: This week feels like the quiet before the training camp storm

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Juice admits not appreciating CMC before RB came to 49ers

“Yeah, I admit I didn’t have the appreciation that he deserved either,” Juszczyk said on the latest ”Haberman & Middlekauff” podcast. “... And when he showed up, it was my first time meeting him and just seeing how he operates, how he goes through his day to day, really seeing the affect that he has being on your squad, I can’t say enough. He’s one of the best football players I’ve seen in my life. He truly can do everything. He can change the game in so many different ways. Like you said, we have all these weapons, and we already had a pretty good offense, it’s like, what is bringing in a running back going to do to it? But he’s so much more, he’s not just a running back. He is just a true dynamic playmaker.

“And I think that’s what [49ers coach] Kyle [Shanahan] loves. He loves guy that can do a lot of differnt things. He can attack a bunch of differnt ways and Christian’s just the definition of that. It’s been really cool to get to know him and have him as a teammate because he’s pushed me. he’s showing me some things that, ‘Hey Juice, try this recovery thing out,’ or ‘Hey when I run this route, I’m thinking about defense’s leverage on this.’ Diffferent things that is coming from one of the best in the game and it’s great to pick his brain every day.......“He’s a notetaker,” Juszczyk said. “Stanford guy. He’s really studious. He really is a student of the game.”

Eight 49ers voted top 10 at their positions by NFL execs, coaches

“The outlet surveyed NFL executives, coaches, scouts and players to rank the top 10 players at 11 different positions, and eight San Francisco stars were recognized among the league’s best.”

49ers place Darrell Luter on active/PUP

“Luter’s injury is unclear.”

Albert Breer discusses why the 49ers drafted Trey Lance

“A big part of the Niners picking Trey Lance over Mac Jones in 2021 was because so many teams are now running the Niners offense, and so many teams are defending the Niners offense in practice,” Breer told Cowherd. “And so he felt like, how do we add on to the offense? How do we change the dynamic of the offense? How do we be a little different than the other people who are running my offense in other places?....“And then, he winds up back in the place with Brock Purdy where he’s running his offense again,” Breer continued. “So part of this could come down to what Kyle Shanahan wants. I mean, does he want Brock Purdy, who is going to run his offense as prescribed, who’s kind of got the Kirk Cousins thing going on, or does he still have it in his head, like, ‘I want to add a little something here with some athleticism and arm strength,’ which is the idea of bringing Trey Lance in?”

Longtime 49ers QB Steve Young to coach girls high school flag football in California

“Flag football will be a wonderful opportunity for young women to show their talent,” Young said in a statement. “Football is a great team game that teaches tremendous life lessons. I want to help build women’s flag football.”