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Golden Nuggets: What are your predictions for the NFC west?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, July 2nd, 2023

49ers roster 2023: Jalen Graham is intriguing but has a long way to go

“Having converted from being a safety during his first two years with the Boilermakers, Graham wants to make a dent in what is otherwise a deep and talented San Francisco linebacker corps.”

3 49ers among 50 biggest draft steals of last 10 years

“Let’s take a look at which three 49ers draft picks were among the biggest steals of the last decade.”

Why Louis Riddick believes the Seahawks, not the 49ers, win the NFC West

“I love Kyle Shanahan as much as anybody, but [...] we don’t know who the quarterback’s going to be for them,” Riddick said. “And we don’t know how it’s going to work out. People still believe no matter what Geno Smith did last year, it’s like ‘well it’s Geno Smith. A broken clock can be right twice a day. He just got lucky last year, it just worked out for him.’ They don’t believe!”

With the quarterback issues that the 49ers face, Riddick believes the NFC West is open for the taking, projecting the Seahawks higher than other analysts, as he did last season.

“That division is wide open,” Riddick said. “It’s right there for them to take this year, and then go on and really get on a run. The team was a year ahead last year, and I thought last year they were a playoff-caliber wild card type of team when I saw them in the preseason and went out there for training camp. And people said, ‘You need to find a new job, because analyzing football isn’t the job for you. There’s no way Seattle’s gonna be that good, they’ll be a top-5 drafting team.’

“Seattle is for real. I’m gonna jump right back on—I never got off [the train]. I’m still on that train, and I think they win the West. I think they take it from San Francisco.”