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Golden Nuggets: Javon Hargrave is rated 99 (in our hearts)

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, July 20th, 2023

49ers newcomer Hargrave scoffs at ‘Madden NFL 24’ player rating

“Hargrave holds an 84 overall rating, which is 17th among defensive linemen in the game. The seven-year veteran immediately responded, sharing a cryptic reply on Twitter.”

Ronnie Lott discusses how Javon Hargrave can impact 49ers locker room

“The young man had been brought in from Philly, obviously, been there, he’s touched it, he’s been around it,” Lott said. “He’s seen it. I think he sets an incredible tone for the opportunity of where they want to go.

“And I think having a guy like that, getting stronger up front — you just have to win up front. I mean, like I look back at the things that we were able to accomplish, but clearly up front we had some guys that were just unbelievable football players.”

Lott likened the signing of Hargrave to three signings that Bill Walsh made from his former team, the Air Coryell Chargers.

San Francisco traded for Hall of Famer Fred Dean in 1981, then signed Louie Kelcher for his final season in 1984 along with Gary “Big Hands” Johnson. Those three had played their entire careers with the Chargers before joining the 49ers for the 1984 Super Bowl-winning season.

“When Bill did what he did by bringing three of those guys from the Chargers to our team to make our team better, that was unbelievable,” Lott said. “So when you think about Louie Kelcher and you think about [Gary] ‘Big Hands’ Johnson and Dean-O, Fred Dean. You bring those three guys. Those three guys were like the guy that they brought from Philly.”

“We’ve got three guys who can play”: Kyle Shanahan sees 49ers’ QB dilemma as a “cool situation”

“And we had another guy come in, very similar to Trey, but less reps and stuff,” Shanahan said. “And Brock got that opportunity. So now we’re in this situation, and it’s just—I get how everyone wants something set in stone, but it’s not set in stone. But I love the options, and I love the experience that Brock got.

“I love that Trey has gotten some, too. And I love the ability that we have in the room. And besides those three, I love our team around them, so let’s let it play out.”

Albert Breer speculates on future 49ers cap casualties after forthcoming extensions

“A Lance trade, if he has a strong preseason [this year], could create some breathing room,” Breer wrote. “Having both Warner and Greenlaw as off-ball linebackers could be seen as a luxury, so maybe Greenlaw is another guy that could be offloaded. And if McCaffrey shows his age, or gets hurt again, it’s possible he’d be on the chopping block.”