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Golden Nuggets: Veterans report today

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

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Maiocco’s 53-man 49ers roster projection entering training camp

“There are 36 players listed as “locks” to make the team. The projected roster currently has 17 others in the “looking good” category.

Let’s figure 10 to 14 of those players will make the team, leaving three to seven spots for those rising from the “in the mix” group.”

49ers roster review: A look at every offensive player entering training camp (paywall)

“If Mitchell can’t shake the injury bug, Mason is next in line to be the 49ers’ top backup tailback. The 223-pounder rarely was used as a pass catcher in college, but it’s something he’s concentrated on this offseason, and his receiving skills were noticeably better in the spring. His battle with fellow second-year tailback Tyrion Davis-Price this summer could have big ramifications during the regular season.”

Branch: Top five things to watch as the 49ers open training camp (paywall)

“McKivitz will get quality practice preparation for his regular-season exams. He’ll regularly face Bosa and will meet Maxx Crosby, the Raiders’ Pro Bowl pass rusher, during joint practices in Las Vegas in August.”

49ers training camp preview: When will Brock Purdy be cleared to return?

“The question doesn’t seem to be if, but when that will happen. There’s no prescribed timeline, but if Purdy can get back in mid-to-late August, it would give him time to step back into the starting job the Niners believe he earned with his play down the stretch last season.”

49ers to receive extra 3rd-round comp pick with Jimmy Garoppolo’s passed physical

“With Garoppolo’s situation set, the 49ers will now be awarded a third-round compensatory pick for the loss of right tackle Mike McGlinchey, as the quarterback’s loss was canceled out by the signing of defensive tackle Javon Hargrave via the compensatory formula.”