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Brock’s Back

Brock Purdy returns from an elbow injury suffered in the NFC Championship game.

Brock Purdy is throwing the football and all is right with the world once again.

San Francisco 49ers training camp Day 2 is underway and the videos are coming out of Brock Purdy approaching, running, doing drills, and throwing a football. Folks, he’s officially back into the mix.

With such a significant injury, there was always the possibility of Purdy not being ready by Week 1. For some of us, it would give us a look at the new and improved Trey Lance that we saw on Wednesday. That got shot down when Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch had their opening press conference to say Purdy was ready to go.

Purdy still will be on a pitch count. They don’t want him throwing every day, which is why we didn’t see him on Day 1 of training camp, but if this is any indication, he looks good.

Speaking of Lance, reports came out that he’s had a quicker release and looks good. It’s also been unanimously reported that it was Day 1 of training camp. So that means no pads, no roughing etc. The quarterbacks are protected, but it certainly makes a difference on their offensive line when everyone goes full go. We’ll need to see how Lance’s retooling holds up as training camp goes on.

Purdy will be taking snaps with the 1s to start, but let the battle for QB1 begin. Only the 49ers can make this entertaining.