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49ers Training Camp Day 2: Offense struggles with tough 49ers defense

As expected, the defense has an early advantage in training camp

The presumed starting quarterback for the 49ers returned as Brock Purdy participated in his first training camp session. While all eyes were on the quarterbacks and how Purdy would fare, the race to be the first player on the field continues after Ji’Ayir Brown was first yesterday.

Here’s the first look at Purdy warming up:

Usually, the defense has the upper leg in training camp, especially in the beginning, and that seemed to be today’s theme:

Purdy was intercepted by Tashuan Gipson, and Trey Lance had a pass dropped by a defender as well.

Seemed like a rough day for three of the four quarterbacks, but in Purdy’s case, rust has to be expected, and it’s still unpadded practice. No need to panic or read too much into today’s numbers:

Jordan Mason seems eager to put pads on:

All is well in special teams land as well, as Mitch Wishnowsky was cleared to return, and Jake Moody was perfect today:

People will naturally have strong reactions to the quarterback numbers. Personally, it is way too early to worry about or draw conclusions from unpadded practices, especially with Purdy returning from his UCL injury.

Purdy making it through practice with no setbacks and limitations is far more important than any passing numbers.

Also, the 49ers defense might be the best in the league. Let’s remain patient and let it play out.