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Kicker Kombat: Moody nails all 6 of his field goals, Zane Gonzalez nails both attempts

Oh you know we’re gonna talk about kickers.

San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

I know what you really come here every morning for when it regards the San Francisco 49ers. It’s not to talk quarterbacks, it’s not to overanalyze Trey Lance, and it’s certainly not because you remember Kory Sheets: It’s because you want to know what the kickers did.

Well, guess what? I have news for you. I got kicker stats. I know you guys were wanting a Punterville update, but we can do that over the weekend. First of all, I gotta cover what I didn’t get yesterday, and that’s the rookie hype machine.

Jake Moody led this crazy train, and it’s all sorts of awesome. Especially when he gets the kids involved.

Look at that shuffle. And look at how everyone stops to look at him. Dude’s got a certain magic to his dancing.

Ok, so we are a football site. How exactly is this prodigy doing in Kicker Kombat? Well, pretty good. Moody went 6-6 in his field goals, each one clearing the crossbar. That means no narrow, saved-by-the-doink!-kicks from this guy.

The distances? Moody was accurate in the lower-high 30-yard range and then nailed a 51-yarder.

So that is locked right? Just like quarterbacks, we all know how this is gonna end after two days? Not so fast my friends. Zane Gonzalez did some combination boots of his own.

Gonzalez nailed some long kicks himself 41 and 43 yards from what is being written. He’s definitely making himself known, but there isn’t a competition. Not if Jake Moody keeps booting these kicks like today. While we affectionately call this Kicker Kombat, if the rookie from Michigan has another day like today, it’s going to be a double flawless victory.