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How much of a Super Bowl window do the 49ers have left?

Is this “window” being mentioned anything creeping up on them or do they have plenty of time?

There’s been talk of this “Super Bowl window” being uttered around these parts. You know, that short amount of time that the team in its “current” form has to win a championship before they need to rebuild. Players age, salaries are increased, and things change.

It seems like yesterday that the San Francisco 49ers window actually opened. It opened in 2019 when no one thought they would advance to the Super Bowl, and besides the following year in 2020, they have been back to deep post season runs.

So how long does this thing last? Do you think that window will close? 49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams isn’t too worried about it. In his recent press conference following training camp on Thursday, Williams said the window closing isn’t on his mind:

I don’t worry about it. I mean, the Super Bowl is on top of everyone’s priority lists right now. Worrying about when the window closes really does nothing for us right now. It’s like worrying about when you’re going to die. It’s gonna close eventually, but what’s the point of looking forward to it, right? I come in everyday and work how I did yesterday. Look forward to getting 1% better every day and eventually you want to hold up that trophy. And if it doesn’t happen, you reset, recalibrate, approach next year with the same mindset

Maybe others don’t worry about it, but they are beginning to know things may change soon, as noted by George Kittle know the window is starting to close:

“I think that’s something that our team is very aware of. We have a lot of highly-paid players on this team who have earned that money and you can only pay so many guys. And we know that some of those guys are at the end of their contracts, end of their guarantees, and that’s when things kind of start to move. So yes, we’re very aware of that. I don’t think it’s something we have a team meeting like, “This is it.” Our vet guys, we understand that. It was something talked about in OTAs, it will be mentioned throughout training camp. We’re aware of that. We have a fantastic team, we need to win games. It’s on us. It’s on our amazon coaching staff, it’s on amazing players. We’re focused on that, but we know we work really ahrd, great effort, we can take this roster to the next level.”

No doubt, the 49ers know they have a window that might be closing in the next few seasons. It is probably better they don’t worry or think about it and instead worry about training camp. That said, the clock might just be ticking.

Do you think the 49ers have a Super Bowl window? How big do you think it is?