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Frank Gore signs contract with the 49ers

Scout maybe?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Someone finally came home Friday evening. Our own Alex Tran tweeted a photo of former 49ers running back Frank Gore signing what appears to be a contract with the organization. It isn’t a symbolic contract for retirement purposes either — That was signed back in June.

We aren’t sure what he’s signing but given how he’s been spotted at pro days and such over the last few months, the best guess is it’s something to be a running back scout of sorts. Before signing it may been more of an internship where he got a feel for the role and vice versa seeing if he wanted to do it full time. If that’s the case, we got our answer.

In any case, Frank Gore signed something with the 49ers. As of this writing they haven’t specified what the role is yet, but I’m sure the question will be coming up in a post-practice press conference in the coming days. We’ll update this post when we know specifically what Frank Gore’s role with the team will be.