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John Lynch on Nick Bosa’s contract situation: ‘We need to exhibit patience’

49ers GM John Lynch spoke about Nick Bosa, Ty Davis-Price, D’Shawn Jamison, and the quarterbacks before Monday’s practice

San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

This is the seventh day that Nick Bosa and the San Francisco 49ers haven’t resolved his contract extension. John Lynch spoke before Monday’s padded practice and reiterated what we said prior to training camp. Basically, the team is going to respect Bosa’s privacy and not get into any specifics.

Lynch did say that the team could fine Bosa up to $40,000 per day due to him being under contract and having a fifth-year option, but the 49ers are waiving those fines and don’t believe that’d get Bosa in the building any sooner:

“We have to strike the right mix of urgency. I don’t like this. I don’t like not having one of our best players here. But I also understand. We have to understand that we’re going to have to exert some patience. But I’m very confident. And understand that this ultimately will work out.”

Lynch expressed zero concern about getting a contract done: “We miss him, and I’m looking forward to the day he comes back.”

Lynch was asked about the possibility of keeping four quarterbacks on the active roster: I think four on the 53 would be challenging. Four in the building would be possible.”

There was plenty of praise for Trey Lance and Sam Darnold from Lynch, who said he’s proud of the way Lance is handling his reps and said the lightbulb came on for Darnold during Sunday’s practice.

UDFA D’Shawn Jamison has caught the attention of Lynch: He showed up. He showed up in a big way.” Yesterday, Brandon Aiyuk said that Jamison is “ballin.” Jamison has been playing both inside and out, but Lynch hinted at getting him more reps at nickel this week. It’s no surprise that Jamison started making plays once he switched from No. 49 to No. 22.

Lastly, Ty Davis-Price has made a leap, according to Lynch, who believes TDP has made a transformation heading into his second season. Lynch said he saw Davis-Price in the weight room at 5:45 a.m. the other day.