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Lane Johnson gave some tips on blocking Nick Bosa

Basically, you just delay the inevitable.

So how do you block San Francisco 49ers pass rusher Nick Bosa? Hell if I know. And that’s a phrase many an offensive lineman also may admit to. Not to worry, Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson has a good idea how to and tried to explain some tips on the subject.

Johnson spoke at the 6th annual OL Masterminds summit and showed some extensive film on technique and keeping your inside foot in check, especially against some of the defensive linemen with better hands. And who was the film of? Why Nick Bosa, who can—and showed—he can have his way with you if you have even the slightest of incorrect twitches.

The summit doesn’t focus on “how to” block specific players and subdue them, but it does break down pass rushers and techniques. It’s more how to prepare for a pass rusher and how they may react in a situation. Often this does wind up turning into a “how to stop this guy” session anyways, but that’s not the intention. In this case, they were going over how to stop edge rushers such as Nick Bosa from going inside—something Johnson had plenty of video to display Bosa doing it on a whim.

While it seems like a breakdown of techniques to do and things to keep in mind against someone with Bosa’s skillset, it seems more like a mini Nick Bosa highlight reel. And also another reason why the 49ers need to pay him sooner, rather than later.

The OL Masterminds Summit is a gathering of offensive linemen to go over technique. It’s basically the offensive line’s version of TEU. There’s a great writeup from 2019 by Geoff Schwartz (himself a former NFL offensive lineman) who describes what goes on at the summit.

So since this turned into the best way to block Nick Bosa, how do you? Short answer: you don’t. Not unless you have help. But Johnson did give some good scouting of what to look for. So if you—yes, you—dear reader ever find yourself on an NFL field getting ready to block Nick Bosa. Before you run, cry, and fear for your life listen to the tips here Lane Johnson is giving you. This may be the difference between a sack in 1 second or a sack in 5 seconds.