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What 49er will be on your fantasy team?

You might be able to snag at least one of these studs

As we all know, every year, fantasy football is a thing. While I’m no rocket scientist, at one point in my life I was the undisputed fantasy champion (TM) having won both of my (very competitive...I think) leagues in 2018. Since then, I’ve been in two championships but didn’t win either because of...fantasy things.

So it’s that time of year again: Who are you eyeing from the San Francisco 49ers for your fantasy team? Once upon a time, drafting 49ers was a skill, late round gems that only you knew would produce. Now, a bunch of them are going to go in the top 5. If I have the first pick Christian McCaffrey is a consideration for my running back, and I know many of you are full homer with a draft list of him, and wide receivers Deebo Samuel, and Brandon Aiyuk no matter how much better other players in the league may be for your team.

The target for me this year is two “players”: Brandon Aiyuk, who I think I can get after the draft order disorients me and the 49ers defense/special teams. One I’ll probably reach for, the other, I can get late in the draft. I play in a league where yardage matters, and I think Aiyuk is just the guy to chew yards up. I will of course be overjoyed if I’m picking second and can grab McCaffrey or Samuel, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

The 49ers defense/special teams has been the first defense off the board the last few years in my league and I doubt much will change this year with the additions. All Mitch Wishnowsky has to do is pin the opposing offense inside a 10-yard line and then let Javon Hargrave and Nick Bosa clean up with sacks. But I wish myself luck since every year I wait too long and somebody takes them far earlier than even I would.

I also wouldn’t mind picking up Brock Purdy really late as a backup in case he blows up again. All those targets? Shanahan’s scheme? Purdy could be a sleeper, especially in a two-quarterback league, but given the competition and his rehabbing, that may be a pick I’d want back. The trick is to keep myself from going full homer, which I wind up always doing anyways, but I do exercise (some) restraint.

Who are you targeting in your fantasy draft?