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Are you worried about Nick Bosa’s extension?

John Lynch is preaching patience over Nick Bosa’s delicate extension to the 49ers are you feeling the worries?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

So a week ago, we said history indicated the first day in pads would be a good baseline for the San Francisco 49ers to get an extension finished with Nick Bosa. Well, the first day in pads was Monday and no sign of an extension.

John Lynch seems unhappy with the situation, but not too worried. He’s preaching patience in this process and still keeping things private. If anyone knows how to tell 49ers fans to be patient and live up to it, it’s John Lynch.

That said, if anyone knows chaos and anxiety, it’s many a 49ers fan.

So where are we at in all of this? Just last week I sat here and said when they put the pads, then we can start worrying. The question is, how concerned are we?

While we used Deebo Samuel as an example for when things might be done, it’s probably fair to say this might be a different situation. And for those of you wondering if the 49ers are going to deal Nick Bosa away in the same way they dealt DeForest Buckner, I’d say they learned from that debacle.

DeForest Buckner being traded got the 49ers Javon Kinlaw. I’m not completely out on Kinlaw, and reports say he’s been looking darn good with a full offseason without injuries, but what he’s displayed thus far in his career hasn’t been on the level of Buckner. From a salary cap standpoint, the trade for a cheaper contract made sense, but there had to be a way to make it work.

And that aforementioned salary cap is an issue now. The 49ers aren’t the Los Angeles Rams. They aren’t going to get 1-year rentals on players and then have to blow things up every offseason to get under a cap number. They want to fit everything in there, and have the mathematical wizardry to do it.

And even if a hard decision had to be made to get under the cap, Nick Bosa is an easy decision. Even a trade for four first round draft picks makes zero sense. Bosa is in his prime, and we know what the 49ers are without him on the field. Look at 2017 and 2018 if you want an example. What they are doing is trying to get Bosa the contract he deserves as well as fit it into other plans, like a Brandon Aiyuk extension. That is going to take a lot more maneuvering than what they had to do for Samuel’s extension last year. Plus, Bosa is set to be one of, if not the highest paid defensive lineman in the league.

Bosa hasn’t taken to Instagram removals or cryptic social media to get the point across. In fact, there’s been nothing of him saying he wants to go elsewhere. He just didn’t show up while the process plays out. I don’t doubt the 49ers get a deal done, it’s just a matter of how crippling the deal will be to the team’s cap space. Hopefully, they can anticipate a higher cap in 2024 where all of this is moot.

But I am one person, and we have a legion of fans right here to may think differently. I said to start worrying when the pads came on, so how worried are we? And if all of you are not worried, when should we start worrying?


How worried are you the 49ers can’t get a deal done with Nick Bosa?

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    Not worried at all, trust the process
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  • 34%
    Raised an eyebrow, but it might just take a few more days
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  • 10%
    This is concerning, what the hell is the holdup?
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