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What 49ers player are you eyeing against the Raiders Sunday?

Jake Moody’s camp reports have been stellar, but finally we can see him in a preseason game. Baby steps

NFL: San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports

While many of you are watching the San Francisco 49ers-Las Vegas Raiders Preseason game for the chance to see Trey Lance’s improved mechanics in action (and against an opposing defense trying to tackle him), you can’t ignore how the gameplan will be vanilla. So what do we watch beyond that? Well most of the starters are going to have limited action—if any—per Kyle Shanahan.

Well, except for one.

Enter one Jake Moody. That’s right, 49ers-Raiders has a chance to be the Jake Moody show and I got my popcorn. I was going to make this another iteration of Kicker Kombat just to talk about the hopeful khaos he can inflict. Yes, he’s not techically a “starter” yet, but starter or not, there’s a reason to watch a Week 1 preseason game. Roll him out with 66 yards to spare after an inefficient drive on offense or a clock ticking down the half and show the world why he was taken in the 3rd round.

The 49ers may elect to put Zane Gonzalez in during the second half just to drum up trade value during roster cuts, but Moody needs all the kicking chances he can get. There’s been nothing but positive coming from his practices and if he can drill some kicks through during the game, the 49ers have a winner. And of course, if he does take a nose dive, Gonzalez will be a solid Plan B.

So there, that’s the reason I’m watching a preseason football game. For a kicker. A kicker has me tuning into NFL Network to watch this. Trey Lance 2.0 comes second to me seeing just how this Jake Moody thing is going to work out.

So there’s what I’m watching for. What are you tuning into the game to see? Are you even tuning into the game? What stat box are you eyeing if you avoid it?