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49ers Reacts Survey, preseason Week 1: Are you confident in the team’s direction?

It was a rocky road for the 49ers, Trey Lance, the offensive line, and the defense. But are we overreacting to a bunch of backups?

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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The result from the 49ers first preseason was almost as if the majority of starters didn’t play. The reactions have been all over, from analysts saying Trey Lance’s career is dead in the water, while some fans are confident that Ronnie Bell is the next great Niners wide receiver.

Barring an injury, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any of the players who suited up for Sunday’s game in extensive action during the regular season. But that didn’t and won’t stop us from making sweeping judgments about the 49ers.

As we head into Week 2 of the preseason, we may get a couple of series, if not a quarter from the Niners first team offense and defense. Getting a glimpse of the young talent on this team can be tolerated, but we’d all rather watch Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw than Jalen Graham and Dee Winters.

For this week’s survey question, we ask are you confident in the direction of the 49ers? How much will you let what you saw last week impact your answer?

San Francisco is still without the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. Seeing No. 97 in uniform would provide plenty of peace of mind for those worried about the depth along the defensive line.

If the offense, led by Brock Purdy, comes out and scores a touchdown drive during their first series against the Denver Broncos, all will be well. But if not, will there be panic from the fan base?