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Kyle Shanahan is unsure whether Brock Purdy and the starters will play against the Broncos

Kyle Shanahan says the 49ers will shake things up at quarterback, as Sam Darnold will be up first against the Denver Broncos, followed by Trey Lance.

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The 49ers host the Denver Broncos this Saturday, but head coach Kyle Shanahan is unsure whether the starters will play. That goes for Brock Purdy, as Shanahan isn’t set on the quarterback rotation, either.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Brandon Allen was excused from Wednesday’s practice as his wife had a baby. Allen will return to practice Thursday. Congrats to the Allen family.

Shanahan hinted at Sam Darnold and Trey Lance switching roles during the second preseason game:

“Not set in stone. What I said last week, we wanted [QB] Trey [Lance] to get the majority of the first half so [QB] Sam [Darnold] could get the next week. So that’s what we’re planning on, but we’ll see how the next two practices go before we decide for sure.”

So, Darnold would be up first against Denver, perhaps playing longer. Then Lance would follow. Who has the leg-up for the QB2 spot? “They’re competing for it,” said Shanahan.

Here’s a look at some stats from practice:

And here’s how Kyle Shanahan feels about referencing stats from practice and interceptions in general:

“You never want interceptions in any situation. There is never one answer. Each one is different. I definitely like having interceptions a lot more in practice than games.

One thing Brock does, is lets it rip. He’s not worried about anything else. He’s especially not worried about people counting his interceptions at practice. That doesn’t mean they’re all right but I do like him letting it rip.

I like him to learn from things that he can’t get away with, things he can get away with and I think our defense has got their hands on a lot of balls, not just Brock’s. I definitely want our quarterbacks to cut down on them, but I also want them to make real throws and make mistakes to learn from them.”

That’s a not so subtle coaching point that Shanahan is trying to get engrained in the mind of Trey Lance. It’s also Shanahan’s admission of why Purdy is currently the starter and a trait he values at quarterback.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, Shanahan may want to see Purdy go against a different colored jersey in a game setting.