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Golden Nuggets: One sleep til ‘gameday’

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, August 18th, 2023

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49ers Practice Notes: Lance lightly involved ahead of second preseason game

“The 13-play situational drive, with the clock ticking and time running out, went as follows:

  1. Screen, complete to Samuel
  2. False start (culprit unknown)
  3. Jordan Mason run middle, stopped by Isaiah Oliver
  4. Complete right to Samuel
  5. Bad throw, incomplete towards Aiyuk, who slipped coming out of his route, near-INT for Oliver
  6. Complete left on an easy out route completion to Danny Gray against Lenoir
  7. Possible sack, then completion to the left to Ty Davis-Price
  8. Incompletion short right to Davis-Price. He had a miscommunication where he stopped his route and Purdy expected him to keep running to the right
  9. Easy completion on a medium out route to Chris Conley
  10. Another completion to Conley over the middle
  11. SPIKE. Clock stops with 12 seconds left.
  12. Throwaway.
  13. Jake Moody iced by special teams coordinator Brian Schneider. Makes his field goal from 35 yards, then 45 yards.”

Chris Foerster talks O-line ahead of 49ers-Broncos preseason game

“San Francisco 49ers offensive line coach and run game coordinator Chris Foerster spoke with reporters before Thursday’s practice. The team is preparing for its preseason game against the Denver Broncos. Here is everything he had to say.”

Maiocco’s 49ers camp observations: Purdy unlikely to play Saturday

“Purdy was on target during the team’s light day of practice. He completed 14 of 20 pass attempts without an interception and made a nice throw outside the numbers in a red-zone session, hitting Deebo Samuel for 14 yards to the 1-yard line against tight coverage from Ambry Thomas.”

Barrows: 49ers’ Trey Lance is a latter-day Alex Smith — don’t dismiss him too soon (paywall)

“None of this is an argument that the 49ers must make Lance their starter. Shanahan, as he said Wednesday, likes quarterbacks who “let it rip.” He wants someone who makes intelligent, aggressive throws, and he has that in Brock Purdy, who is a famously fast starter. Lance has the intelligence part. What he’s lacking right now is the let-it-rip half of the equation, which was a problem in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders.

But to cut Lance in favor of Brandon Allen or trade him for a mid-round pick or otherwise give up on him? It doesn’t sound like a smart move or one that general manager John Lynch is inclined to do. Lynch, after all, wasn’t the Pro Bowl player he would become when he was drafted in 1993. Far from it. It took him four seasons to become a full-time starter and five to make his first Pro Bowl, and he’s constantly reminding himself of his own history so as not to make rash decisions on players.

Smith, who lives in the area and who was on hand for a practice earlier this summer, is another reminder. One season, fans were loudly chanting for his backup — “We want (David) Carr! We want Carr!” — the next he was beating Williams and the Saints in the playoffs.”

Schefter isn’t writing off Trey Lance in 49ers’ QB2 competition

“No, I don’t think [a decision has been] made at all,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said during an interview on the “Pat McAfee Show” on Thursday. “I don’t. I think that they’re open-minded there, and I think they like Sam.

“You know, I think Trey, the first couple of weeks, looked probably a little bit sharper than Sam did. But we said this to you in June. That’s what preseason’s for. They have two more games. They have more practices.

“I think it’s pretty close right now. I’m not writing off Trey Lance like that at all and saying he’s [quarterback number] three.”

The Good and Not So Good from Day 16 of 49ers Training Camp 2023

“Got even with nickelback Qwuatrezz Knight, who showed him up yesterday when Davis-Price was running with the ball and Knight hit him, but didn’t knock him over. Still, after the play Knight flexed and talked trash in Davis-Price’s face right in front of the offense’s sideline. Christian McCaffrey immediately yelled at Knight, a practice squad player who is still fighting to make the 53-man roster. So today, Davis-Price took a handoff, ran between the tackles, found Knight and ran him over. Call that football justice. Both players popped up quickly and Knight patted Davis-Price on the helmet as if to say, ‘Good hit.’ I appreciate their sportsmanship.”

Analyzing Day 16 of the 2023 49ers QB Competition

“Completed 13 of 17 pass attempts with one touchdown and two dropped interceptions, which is a great day for him. The first dropped interception flew right through Talanoa Hufanga’s hands in the back of the end zone — there was no receiver close to the play. The second dropped pick was a telegraphed throw to Brandon Aiyuk, when Isaiah Oliver dove for the ball and dropped it....He now has thrown 19 interceptable passes in 13 practices — almost two per day.”