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Russell Wilson and the Broncos starters will play 20-24 snaps today

Will we see Russell Wilson in action today? Brock Purdy has a chance to play for a little bit.

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

As the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson roll into Levi’s Stadium for the 49ers’ second preseason game, many wonder how long and if the starters will take part in the matchup.

Kyle Shanahan spoke about which quarterbacks will play on Thursday on KNBR. Shanahan went into detail about the plan:

“We planned on Sam going the first half. We just finished practice here. I’m going to talk to the trainers with the rest of our team and everything. I might get Brock in there for a little bit. Have not finalized that yet. But thinking about playing the ones for possibly a series a little in the first quarter.

But whatever that is, if we don’t, Sam will have the whole first half, and if those guys do open the game with Brock and some of the ones, it probably won’t be much longer than a series or two.”

That opens the door for Trey Lance to play the entire second half.

On the other hand, Broncos head coach Sean Payton expects his starters to play 20-24 snaps on Saturday.

“You want to see flow and rhythm in the game,” Payton said. “Ultimately, you want to see touchdowns. That’s the main objective when you’re playing on offense. Little bit better in protection, and a lot of the details that we looked at from a week ago.”

Payton added about his plan for Javonte Williams, who is returning from an ACL injury.

“I’m going to be smart. He’s not going to get 20 plays. In a perfect game, I’d like to see him get three or four carries — maybe a pass [reception] — and just get him going.”

The Broncos will have their starting defense on the field for 15 snaps. The goal for both teams is to ramp up but escape the game with no injuries as the season draws near.