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Golden Nuggets: Gameday!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, August 19th, 2023

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Hutchinson: 5 things to look for in 49ers’ second preseason game

“But if Kinlaw and Hyder Jr. are to make it, that means it’s Bryant vs. Beal. Bryant has the edge at this point, but it’s not far-fetched to imagine Beal getting plucked off waivers. Maybe the 49ers solve this by cutting Hyder or Bryant as veterans and keep them on the practice squad with the promise that they’ll be involved on game days. Either way, that crunch is worth monitoring on Saturday.”

Branch: Sam Darnold, Trey Lance among five players to watch in Broncos-49ers (paywall)

“The early returns have been promising with the 49ers, but there’s hardly enough to declare that Darnold has turned a corner when it comes to turnovers. He’ll have a chance to add more evidence in what figures to be his most extensive game action Saturday.”

49ers’ Ilm Manning has impressed at tackle, though he may not be there long (paywall)

“Manning was a five-year starter at left tackle for Hawaii and is one of the few players ever to have 60 college starts at the position. He noted he played in a variety of offenses, first Nick Rolovich’s run-and-shoot system, then Todd Graham’s downhill-style blocking attack, then back to a run-and-shoot under current head coach Timmy Chang.”

Matt Maiocco breaks down where Trey Lance stands in 49ers’ pecking order: ‘The train’s leaving the station’

“It’s a really interesting circumstance where the 49ers, this season, do not feel obligated to put him out there just because he was the number three overall pick,” Maiocco said. “That was the situation last year. Now the train’s leaving the station and they cannot afford to spin their wheels a little bit or bring a young quarterback up to speed.”

49ers work out linebacker, 3 defensive linemen after releasing corner [report]

“Ladarius Hamilton: Linebacker, age 25, originally undrafted in 2020 and signed by the Cowboys, played 9 combined games for the Packers over the past two seasons.

  • Kenny Willekes: Defensive end, age 26, seventh-round pick out of Michigan State in 2020, spent 2020 and 2022 on injured reserve with the Vikings, played six games with 2.5 sacks in 2021.
  • Isaiah Mack: Defensive tackle, age 27, originally undrafted in 2019 and signed with the Titans. Played 19 games for Tennessee over his first two seasons, a couple with the Patriots, then four games over the past two years with the Ravens.
  • Tomase Laulile: Defensive tackle, age 28, played in the XFL last season, originally out of BYU.”