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Golden Nuggets: Sky (hook) is the limit for this year’s 49ers

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

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49ers Camp Notes: Purdy finds the end zone twice, backup tackle flashes strength, Jalen Hurd retires

“Purdy’s only truly terrible play of the day was a near interception. He was under pressure, did well to escape it, and then threw across his body on the run towards Christian McCaffrey. Marcelino McCrary-Ball nearly picked it off. It was one of those throws that you’d hope he only attempted because it was practice.

After that, he was great, finding Brandon Aiyuk over the middle against a blitz, and doing the same with George Kittle on a crosser against Hufanga......It’s hard to assess how each tight end is doing as a run blocker, at least with any consistency. There’s far too much going on in any given play, unless you’re watching a run to your side and tracking each rep. But as far as receiving chops go, Brayden Willis has absolutely outshone Cameron Latu. Latu was unprepared for his only target of the day, not even looking for the ball when it came his direction. Willis, meanwhile, has had a few receptions just about every day, and looks much more fluid in his movements.”

Cohn: Analyzing Day 6 of the 2023 49ers QB Competition

“He mostly dinked and dunked, he got sacked twice and he threw two passes that bounced off the hands of defenders and nearly got intercepted. First, Purdy wound up and telegraphed a pass to George Kittle, who was running a quick out, and the ball flew directly to Deommodore Lenoir, who dropped it. Next, Purdy scrambled out of the pocket to his right, forced a pass on the run to Christian McCaffrey and nearly got intercepted by linebacker Marcelino McCrary-Ball.”

Maiocco’s 49ers camp observations: Moody displays leg strength

“At the conclusion of their on-field work, the 49ers hustled across the practice field to surround basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That’s right, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Players and staff gathered near the weight room, where Abdul-Jabbar briefly addressed the team.

What was his hook?

“He gave us some words of wisdom — some Hall-of-Fame words of wisdom,” 49ers left tackle Trent Williams said.

Abdul-Jabbar was a guest of sociologist Dr. Harry Edwards, a long-time 49ers consultant.”

49ers coordinator Brian Schneider talks Jake Moody, special teams

“San Francisco 49ers special teams coordinator Brian Schneider spoke with reporters after Tuesday’s practice, the sixth of training camp. Here is everything he had to say.”

Two reasons why Oliver considers 49ers camp most intense of career

“The intensity really cranks up with the pads on,” Oliver said. “I feel like so far it’s been a lot of hits. Probably more than I’ve seen in my other camps for sure. And I think that’s really a testament to Fred and Dre and how they run our defense.

After answering doubts, 49ers’ Aaron Banks aims for more improvement in 2023 (paywall)

““I think communication-wise, there are some things — I just know Jake sees it,” Banks said. “I know he sees it, so I don’t have to communicate everything. It’s just us being on the same page on everything. We go over the playbook together. We go over certain looks, what he thinks, what I think. Across the board, I think we’re a lot more cohesive of a group.”

Deommodore Lenoir learning, thriving and leading in 49ers’ secondary (paywall)

“Lenoir has looked to the offense for tips as well. He has sought advice from Brandon Aiyuk on his game from a receiver’s standpoint, giving his defensive point of view on Aiyuk’s skills in return. Lenoir said that Aiyuk had helped diagnose his problem of opening his hips too early, allowing him to get beat deep easier, as illustrated by the Green play. Lenoir believes he has done a lot to fix that problem, tying up a seemingly lone loose end from his first season as a starter.”

Now a starter, 49ers’ Colton McKivitz has a chance to justify team’s trust (paywall)

“I could not be standing here,” McKivitz said. “That’s just part of it. It’s taught me a lot about being a pro and learning from some of the vets. Trent, Laken (Tomlinson) when he was here. Just getting advice from those guys and them teaching me the ways to be prepared for when I get a chance. And now’s the time.”

Building the perfect NFL QB: Meet the mysterious private coaches on the cutting edge (paywall)

“Quarterback training is recession proof,” Slack says. “There will never be a situation where the kid’s father doesn’t believe that his kid has the potential to be a great player......Once Gormely and Hewlett got the motion-capture data, they assembled a plan. Specific weighted-ball exercises helped repattern the quarterback’s movements. Certain medicine ball tosses in the gym enhanced his rotational bandwidth.

Prior to the 2022 NFL Draft, Gormely and Hewlett explained their process and results to Iowa State quarterback prospect Brock Purdy. Months later, having changed his hip-to-shoulder separation angle and increased his total rotational velocity — “he is like one of the most serious, intentional dudes,” Gormely says — his mechanics had been altered so drastically that at one point, Purdy’s college coach, Matt Campbell, called Hewlett and asked dumbfoundedly, “What did you do? Because we need that with all our quarterbacks.”

49ers sign former first-round defensive end

“Charlton (6-5, 270) was originally drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round (28th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. Throughout his six-year NFL career with the Cowboys (2017-18), Miami Dolphins (2019), Kansas City Chiefs (2020), Pittsburgh Steelers (2021) and Chicago Bears (2022), he has appeared in 60 games (13 starts) and registered 95 tackles, 11.5 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, three passes defensed, one fumble recovery and four forced fumbles. He has also appeared in three postseason contests and added one tackle. In 2022, Charlton appeared in five games and registered three tackles with the Bears.”