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Colton McKivitz had a near-perfect day against Broncos

The right tackle job is a question mark with Mike McGlinchey’s departure, and it may be in good hands

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Every year the San Francisco 49ers offensive line has been a question mark and every year, it seems to stay steady. For the most part.

Aaron Banks stepped in just fine after Laken Tomlinson departed in free agency to go to the New York Jets. A similar situation is presenting itself with the right tackle position. Mike McGlinchey left in free agency after the Denver Broncos backed up the Brinks truck for him and his successor has been in question.

Colton McKivitz may be that successor, and he had a decent day on Saturday. This was his first start at right tackle for the 49ers, and he didn’t offer a single pressure over his nine pass-blocking reps.

A few things to take from this.

First: It’s preseason.

Second, it’s the Denver Broncos defense. This is by no means a bad defense, but it’s not exactly the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys defensive front in November or December.

Regardless, right tackle is a huge question mark for the 49ers. While some might like to crack on McGlinchey at times for his false starts, at the end of the day, he was a solid piece. We all know what a bad offensive tackle can get the 49ers. When McGlinchey left, it was a massive hole.

McKivitz is part of the Kyle Shanahan 5th round draft team having been taken in that respective round during the 2020 draft. Unlike many other 5th round talents like Dre Greenlaw and George Kittle, however, he didn’t make an impact in his rookie season.

Instead, McKivitz played little snaps and bounced back and forth from the practice squad and main roster. An injury in 2022 kept him out of a substantial amount of action also, which may have delayed him coming to the line. There’s also Mike McGlinchey who held down the position.

In 2023, with McGlinchey gone, the 49ers will need to solidified the right tackle spot fast to keep quarterback Brock Purdy upright. Could McKivitz be the guy? Possibly. Matt Pryor also showed some good stuff Saturday night. The difference is Pryor was lining up with the No. 2s and McKivitz had a good day against the first team.

The 49ers right tackle position will be something to watch, both through the rest of the preseason and into the regular season.