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49ers Reacts Survey: Do you care who ends up being QB2?

Kyle Shanahan hinted strongly at keeping three quarterbacks on Tuesday.

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

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In what feels like is an annual, year-round, conversation in 49ers world, we’re spending just as much, and probably more, time discussing who the backup quarterback will be in 2023. Does history suggest that more than one quarterback will play? Absolutely.

But Brock Purdy appears 100 percent healthy, and he won the job based on how he played in the second half of the 2022 regular season. Yet, when you scroll through social media or listen to one of the Niners press conferences, the talk focuses on Trey Lance and Sam Darnold.

On Tuesday, Kyle Shanahan said he’ll use these next two practices to determine the order in which the quarterbacks will play in the preseason finale. Shanahan also said that the backup or scout team quarterback could alternate week to week. But Kyle isn’t announcing who the backup is this week: “I think we’d probably announce it before we play Pittsburgh, but not this game.”

It would feel like an upset at this point if the 49ers didn’t keep three quarterbacks. When asked if he was committed to keeping three, here’s what Shanahan said:

“I mean, you keep three when you have three. In the NFL, it’s hard with the 53-man roster. So, you’d like to keep two so you can get another position somewhere. The new rule I don’t think is going to change anyone. That’s just a bonus. It’s not like you get an extra 54th. It still takes away from that. You just get an extra one up on game day. But, for what happened to us the one time out of 10,000 games or whatever it is, I don’t think people are going to change their rosters because of that. But, if you do have a third one that you don’t want to lose because it’s hard to have quarterbacks, it’s hard to keep them on practice squad too, then that’s what you have to do.”

In today’s Reacts Survey, we asked who you believe has won the backup quarterback job after two preseason games.

The follow-up question is, do you care? Should it matter?