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Golden Nuggets: Is this the last dance with Lance?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, August 24th, 2023

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The 49ers’ Trade for Trey Lance Was a Gamble That Ended in Disaster

“We’re now 742 passes into Trey Lance’s post-middle school football career, and there’s no lesson here. Just a trade that worked out very, very badly and a player at the end of a very, very unlucky chapter.”

Barrows: Brock Purdy the real reason Trey Lance in 49ers limbo (paywall)

“Shanahan said the intense spotlight Lance has been under, coupled with the fact the 49ers had an ultra-light practice Wednesday, prompted him to give the quarterback the afternoon off.”

Kawakami: 49ers are admitting they blew the Trey Lance trade, but they’re doing just fine anyway

“I checked around Wednesday afternoon and got the same indication I’ve been getting all summer. The 49ers aren’t ready to release Lance because they still think he’s one of their three best QBs, they like him personally, and the dead-cap hit would be pretty rough. Then they’ll get to next offseason and either trade or release him.”

Silver: How to unpack Trey Lance’s short trip from QB of the Future to 49ers reject (paywall)

“It gave the distinct impression that the 49ers had finally admitted what some of us have seen coming for a long time. They’ve decided to move on from Lance, ignoring the sunk costs and cutting their considerable losses.

This is a fire sale, and Lance — whose trade value is not high — will be sent to any team willing to make a deal. Lacking that, he’ll likely be released.”

29 days, four questions: Diving into Nick Bosa’s holdout from the 49ers

“While Bosa has stayed at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, away from the team since the start of training camp, there have been no signs of frustration from either side. No scrubbing of Bosa’s Instagram account. No trade requests. No warning shots fired through the media. Nothing.”

Why 49ers guard Aaron Banks left Tuesday’s practice

“[He] cramped up,” Foerster told reporters. “I think he lost, the day before, he lost 14 pounds, and that was the day it was kind of rainy and misty a little bit. We were getting the remnants of the hurricane or something, whatever we were getting up here. Definitely, though, he lost a lot of weight.

“It doesn’t surprise me. It’s really hard to replenish all that weight, and the next day, he cramped up mid-practice, which, for Aaron, to make it all the way through camp ... We always joke if he’d have got drafted someplace where it was hot, I don’t know how he’d have made it. The guy definitely sweats a lot.”

Chris Foerster talks O-line ahead of 49ers-Chargers preseason finale

“San Francisco 49ers offensive line coach and run game coordinator Chris Foerster spoke with reporters before Wednesday’s practice. The team is preparing for its preseason finale against the Los Angeles Chargers. Here is everything he had to say.”