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John Lynch on Nick Bosa’s holdout: ‘We haven’t had a holdout anywhere towards this magnitude’

John Lynch said this situation isn’t something he’s comfortable with.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As we talk about the 49ers handling of Trey Lance and their backup quarterback position in general, there’s a far more pressing situation at hand. The Defensive Player of the Year in the NFL last season wants a contract that pays him roughly $800,000 more than Titans edge rusher Harold Landry or Steelers pass rusher Alex Highsmith.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan told the media earlier in the week that he expected Nick Bosa’s holdout to last this long. General Manager John Lynch joined KNBR Thursday to express how he feels about where Bosa and the 49ers currently stand:

“I don’t like the situation. Since our tenure here, we haven’t had a holdout anywhere towards this magnitude. Not something I’m comfortable with. We’re working really hard to change that. Eager to bring this thing to a close.”

The impasse between both sides could be a plethora of things, including how much Bosa wants upfront, how much more than Player X annually, or the duration of his contract. And that’s before we dig into how much guaranteed overall and specific escalators that could be listed in Nick’s contract.

If the 49ers aren’t familiar with writing a check the size they’re about to, it’s because they’ve never done it before. Many expect Bosa to rival if not become the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history.

Drake Jackson could use Bosa’s knowledge of the game:

A contract getting done benefits everybody in the 49ers organization.

For those worried about Bosa having rust or being out of shape, The last time Bosa barely practiced leading up to Week 1, he had a sack, hit the quarterback 2 other times, and added a tackle for loss on a limited snap count.