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John Lynch on Trey Lance: ‘I give him a lot of credit because we didn’t tailor an offense around him’

Did John Lynch just take a not so subtle jab at Kyle Shanahan? Lynch also believes Trey Lance will remain with the team this season.

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

You may have heard, but the much-discussed QB2 spot was awarded to Sam Darnold. That leaves Trey Lance as QB3, for now. The 49ers invested three first-round picks and the number three overall pick in the NDSU QB in 2021.

Speculation has run rampant about the 49ers seeking trade partners for Lance or whether Lance and his agent have requested a trade. Following Lance’s absence on the final day of training camp, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch were suspiciously absent from the post-practice press conference. Fred Warner had to answer questions about the quarterback decision while Shanahan went on KNBR to discuss the decision and Lance’s future with the team.

Today, John Lynch spoke on KNBR about the situation and gave a rather startling and contrasting take from Shanahan’s on Lance’s time with the 49ers.

Lynch was asked about Lance’s progression and role as quarterback for the 49ers.

His response is eye-opening:

“Trey made incredible leaps and bounds this year and I think his games showed that. I give him a lot of credit because we didn’t tailor an offense around him that highlights a lot of the things Trey is able to do and I think he grew from that.”

There are several ways to dissect Lynch’s comment. First, Lance succeeded in progressing in something he needed development in. Another way to view this statement is, why wouldn’t you tailor your offense to a young quarterback’s strengths while he develops other parts of his game?

It seems obvious that if someone needs development in one area, game reps will show those flaws instead of putting someone in a position to succeed.

Possibly, the bigger issue is the disconnect between the coach and general manager on where Lance is as a quarterback and the plan to develop him.

One way or another, the 49ers quarterback world turns and remains as intriguing and as interesting as any situation in the NFL.

Lynch said it’s “most likely” that Lance remains with the team. Trey will practice Thursday and play on Friday.