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Golden Nuggets: Today would be a beautiful day to sign Nick Bosa

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, August 28th, 2023

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49ers Rumors: ‘Optimism’ on Nick Bosa Contract; Teams Expect ‘Massive Number’

“A little bit more optimism here with his contract with the 49ers because teams I’ve talked to expect him to put up a massive number, somewhere in that $30M+ per year. He’s considered the best pass rusher in the NFL. The 49ers have prioritized that; they know that. They want to get this done. It’s just a deal of this magnitude with a lot of nuances about it, the structure the amount of years, a lot to sort out. So, still some time here.”

49ers waive 5 players ahead of cutdown date

“The San Francisco 49ers have begun their cutdown period, waiving five players: CB Nate Brooks, DL La’Darius Hamilton, DL Breeland Speaks, LB Kyahva Tezino, and DL Spencer Waege.”

Lombardi: How Trey Lance, Nick Bosa impact 49ers’ focus on salary-cap sustainability

“Consider that the $263.5 million tab for 2024 doesn’t even include Bosa’s bill (yet), and the 49ers are already over the projected cap for the season. Trading Lance freed up 2024 cap space, but the 49ers can’t abandon efforts at financial efficiency now. Every dollar will matter in 2024, when the 49ers will be looking to attain cap compliance while minimizing collateral roster damage.

The entire financial picture is connected. It factored in so prominently as a driver of the 49ers’ move to acquire Lance, it’s back on center stage now following the end of the quarterback’s journey with the team and it certainly won’t go away as Lynch pivots all his attention to re-signing Bosa.”

Branch: Why might 49ers fans continue to bemoan the team’s Trey Lance saga? (paywall)

“Again, the 49ers are an outlier. They are the only team in NFL history to have found a potential franchise quarterback with the last pick of the draft.”