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Brock Purdy on a ‘pitch count’ during Monday’s practice

The 49ers say that Brock Purdy’s practice routine Monday was all a part of his rehab process

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Training camp is officially over for the 49ers. Monday marked the final day when media members were allowed access, according to the media schedule. San Francisco, as they finalize their 53-man roster, will begin to prepare for their Week 1 opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to the beat reporters on-hand, quarterback Brock Purdy didn’t fully participate during Monday’s practice. Sam Darnold and Brandon Allen took most of the reps, while Purdy, who allegedly looked fine, did not.

Later on in the afternoon, the 49ers sent out a memo saying that Purdy was on a pitch count and that the plan was for Brock to be on a pitch count all along, which was a part of his rehab process.

Social media began to speculate. Why? Well, Purdy had his restrictions removed on August 14. It was announced on that date that Purdy would finally be able to practice three days in succession.

It’s not uncommon for quarterbacks recovering from elbow surgery to need a “break” in their routine early in their comeback. That was the case way back in the early 90s when Joe Montana battled multiple elbow injuries. So, a pitch count is nothing new.

But that doesn’t mean this isn’t something for us to monitor with Purdy. If he is suffering from arm fatigue or soreness, there are 13 days until Week 1.