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Jimmy Garoppolo on the Trey Lance trade: Weird situation, been a lot of weird situations in San Francisco

The former Niners QB weighs in on the Trey Lance trade

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo knows a thing or two about the pressures of being a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. The organization moved heaven and earth to select Trey Lance with the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft while Jimmy Garoppolo was still on the roster.

To his credit, Garoppolo handled the situation admirably and never said anything publicly to cause any friction. Lance also handled his time with Garoppolo very well.

Now that Garoppolo has moved on to Las Vegas, it has opened opportunities for Garoppolo to reflect on his time as a 49er. Robin Lundberg of Sports Illustrated caught up with the former 49er and asked him about his thoughts on the Lance trade to Dallas:

Lundberg: What did you make of the Trey Lance trade to Dallas?

Garoppolo: Weird situation. Been a lot of weird situations over there in San Francisco. Just leave it at that. But you know I’m happy that Trey is getting another shot.

Lundberg: How do you think San Francisco’s handled those quarterback situations?

Garoppolo: (Long pause) How do you think they’ve handled them?

Lundberg: I think it’s been messy, I’ll put it that way.

Garoppolo: Been messy, that’s a nice way to put it.

Garoppolo didn’t say much but may have said more with his short responses and body language.

Check out the clip below: