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Golden Nuggets: One week of camp down. How is everybody feeling?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

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49ers’ WR Danny Gray could fill a vital role, but can he get up to speed? (paywall)

“I asked myself, ‘Am I doing everything that I know I could to be on that field with the greatest?’ ” Gray said. “So I just went back and I did the things that I didn’t do last year. I took out the things that aren’t important in my life and replaced them with football....I just stopped all the hanging out and playing the games,” Gray said. “And I replaced it with football. I make sure I take 2½ hours out of my day to just study my plays, study my concepts, study my formations. Study the depths and the landmarks on the routes....

Kittle “always motivates me every day before practice,” Gray said. “He always tells me, ‘Hey, go out and make a play. Put something on film today, Danny. You’re a great player. Go score a touchdown.’ He’s a great guy. I love his spirit. He uplifts me every day.”

And Gray has needed the encouragement. His quiet NFL beginning has fueled frustration that can be counterproductive. Samuel said he needs to mature when it comes to handling setbacks.

“He kind of gets down on himself when he makes mistakes,” Samuel said. “In this offense, in this game that we play, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s how are you going to respond?”

Griese believes healthy Lance ‘lot better’ in third 49ers camp

“Now being healthy gives him a platform with which to find his natural rhythm, to find his natural motion and to throw the ball like he did in college,” Griese said of Lance.

“I’m really happy he’s at that point where he’s healthy enough to do that. And now he’s put in work on top of that with his motion to give himself a chance to be more accurate.”

Kareem shares inspirational message to 49ers at training camp

“That’s always a warning because when people favor you, you kind of relax. You got to put in the work that you’ve been doing the whole time,” Abdul-Jabbar began. “That’s the reason that they drafted you and got you here. So I just want to tell you that talent is a wonderful thing, but you got to put the hard work in to get the fruit from it.”

Coach’s Notebook: Brian Griese talks Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, 49ers’ QB room

“I didn’t really know what to expect with Brock, to be honest with you,” Griese said. “Me personally, I tempered my expectations as to when he might be back. Now, I knew that he was going to do everything he possibly could to get back in time, but you never know. So it was really just a nice—I wouldn’t call it a surprise—but I was just genuinely happy to see him out there the first time he had the opportunity to be out there.”

Random observations from Week 1 of 49ers training camp

“While the focus is obviously on the players during training camp, Kocurek makes it hard not to keep up eyes on him with his coaching style.

He’s consistently up in players’ faces, teaching technique and pouring energy into his coaching, which was seen on a rep Tuesday when he jumped into the picture as the offense was huddling up to give newly-signed Taco Charlton some tips before marching back to the sidelines.”

49ers training camp: Stock up and stock down after Day 6

“Kinlaw got on the right track this offseason by staying healthy and getting in great shape. He drew a ton of attention for his performances without pads on. More importantly though he continued to impress when the pads came on and the hitting started. Kinlaw still has some climbing to do to prove himself as a regular interior piece for San Francisco, but the early returns have been excellent.”

Where things stand for Tyrion Davis-Price and 49ers’ second-year class (paywall)

“Gore is famous for sniffing out which players — he specializes in running backs and linebackers — have the requisite amount of “dog” in them, and it was clear from Gore’s enthusiasm that Davis-Price passed the dog test.”