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Report: Nick Bosa and the 49ers plan on getting a deal done in the next few days

We have gotten to the point where Reddit is making headlines

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle’s update, 8:11 a.m. PT: I would trust this 100% more than a Reddit rumor:

If we use our common sense, why wouldn’t this be the case? The San Francisco 49ers want Nick Bosa in the building. Bosa wants to play football. And San Francisco won’t be playing hardball when the real deadline is less than 14 days away.

Both sides will have to meet each other in the middle, whether that’s on specific incentives or whatever financial disputes there are, but, logically, Bosa was never going anywhere.

A report surfaced Monday that 49ers star edge rusher Nick Bosa’s agent was using Tuesday’s roster cut deadline as leverage for his high-priced client. The deadline came and went, as Bosa has yet to sign an extension.

The worry meter is running at an all-time high for Niners fans as we’re under two weeks away from Week 1, but the reigning Defensive Player of the Year has yet to step onto the practice field since the beginning of the offseason program.

The rumor mill hasn’t helped. Not one bit. And players on the outside commenting only adds fuel to the fire. Well, on Tuesday, we got the best of all worlds. Do you know how wild it would be for the 49ers to trade Bosa? That rumor, a wild one by a Reddit user, set the internet ablaze.

I laughed. Especially after former Niners cornerback and now Pro Bowl talent D.J. Reed weighed in:

Mind you, Reed did the same thing two offseasons ago when “rumors” were certain that Deebo Samuel was going to be traded to the Jets.

Fans will get up in arms about anything on the internet, and this is the latest example. Is there cause for concern that Bosa’s holdout could last into September? Undoubtedly.

But the optics for the 49ers to trade arguably the best Defensive Player in the world a week after pulling the plug on the Trey Lance operation would be at an all-time low.

The only way you entertain a Bosa trade is if you get back a franchise quarterback. Not a system QB. Like, one of the top-five quarterbacks in the game. We’re talking about a short list:

Justin Herbert
Trevor Lawrence
Lamar Jackson
Josh Allen
Joe Burrow

Trading Bosa would something that you would do in a video game. “We saved over $17 million in cap space!” Well, you also traded the engine that makes your defense go.

This is a business, and when that’s the case, things are said in the heat of the moment. But a Bosa trade would go down as one of the biggest prisoner of the moment decisions in my lifetime.

While the panic meter has reached its climax for most, and the internet will twist and turn anything it can, it’s more likely that the 49ers have a new deal ready for their star defensive player than they would move him to another team.

How do you think this Bosa saga ends?