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Vernon Davis on Trey Lance: He’s going to prove everyone wrong

We sat down with the former 49ers TE, and he shared his thoughts on the recent Trey Lance trade

Invest Fest 2023 Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

I recently had a chance to catch up with former 49er tight end Vernon Davis to discuss his newest business venture, the 49ers QB situation, Trey Lance, and the catch against the New Orleans Saints.

Davis is now backing an AI-betting site called Smart Picks, and here are his thoughts:

“Smart picks gives you, it’s all about predictive outcomes. It’s a way for the world who loves betting to have, more leverage and to be able to use our AI platform to help them win and achieve the goals they want to achieve.

It’s awesome. Over 150 factors that go into helping them come up with these predictions. Unlimited access. Our subscribers have unlimited access to picks and a unique login profile. It’s just a beautiful platform that I encourage all of the people who love and enjoy betting to be a part of it.”

Davis added the application is growing and where you can sign up:

“Yeah, you can you can find that access, on the website.

We’re creating applications for, all platforms from Apple to Android, you name it. I think it’s but like I said, I’m not just speaking because I’m a spokesman. For the product. It’s just that this platform, I wish this platform was around a long time ago because it is, it’s accurate, it’s one of those platforms that give you a better chance at winning.”

Of course, no conversation with a former 49er player is complete without an opinion on the 49ers’ current QB situation.

I asked Davis if there are any parallels between Alex Smith’s early time in the league and Trey Lance’s early time as a 49er.

Davis responded with:

“Yeah, I think Trey Lance is one of those guys who’s taking up a little bit of time to come around me. Of course, he had the injury. And then with this organization, not giving them an opportunity to, to fairly prove himself.

And he’s going to prove everybody wrong. I know it because he, I mean, look at his upside. He’s very, very talented. He could throw, he can run, he can do it all, man. And he’s a smart, he’s very, his IQ for football is, is pretty high. So I think it’s only just a matter of time before he just.”

Davis added his thoughts on Brock Purdy starting and circled it back to the Smith/Kaepernick situation during his time as a 49er.

“I think it’s all when you, in this game, like this and big game, big and a big business, like this is a big business, right? That’s, that’s all it is. It’s a game, but it’s also a business first. So when you have that, it’s all about what, what have you done for me? What can you do for me right now? What have you done for me lately?

And this is the situation that’s happening right now that we’re seeing with Trey Lance, right? It’s not that it’s not because he’s not talented or he can’t bring anything to the team. It’s just that he can’t do it right now. So they’re going with going with, they’re going to go with the next, next guy.

And that’s the thing where they did Alex Smith with Kaepernick, what can you do for me right now?”

It sounds as if Davis understands the nature of the business while still supporting Lance.

Check out the full 10-minute interview here: