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Kyle Shanahan: Brock Purdy is the real deal

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan isn’t worried about where Brock Purdy is at in his rehab progress

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Much has been made about quarterback reps, completion percentages, and days off for Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, Sam Darnold, and Brandon Allen. The process of quarterbacking isn’t measured solely by completion percentage. Purdy is entrenched as the QB1 taking all the first-team reps.

Here is what Kyle Shanahan had to say regarding Purdy’s throwing schedule:

Is this a next step in the progression for QB Brock Purdy being able to practice today? What’s going on there?

“No, because he’s had two days on, one day off. And so, he had yesterday off, we don’t want to go two in a row. So, he went today, he’ll go tomorrow. Then he gets the third practice off. So, it’s part of the whole plan. That’s why we have these three days.”

Shanahan added about Purdy’s health and his level of confidence:

How is Brock’s progress knocking the rust off, getting back into it? Does he seem like he’s back to where he was last season?

“I don’t think anyone’s back to where they were exactly last season. We’re going through training camp, a lot of guys had more practices than him, but we only had six in OTAs. But he’ll get there. He’s doing some good things. They’re all doing some good, all doing some bad. But we’re not worried about Brock. Brock’s the real deal. He knows how to play and we’ve just got to have our team keep getting better and he’ll keep getting better as we go.”

“Brock is the real deal” is a ringing endorsement from Shanahan while acknowledging the process of ramping up.

The best news came from Shanahan regarding his confidence in Purdy’s recovery:

When you go in and watch Brock now on film, is it in the back of your mind where he’s coming back from or is that off your mind because you’re evaluating him for what he is right now?

“Yeah, that’s completely off my mind. He’s healthy. Guys got to get in throwing shape and they got to play and stuff and get used to that. That takes time and stuff. But I’m not thinking about his injury anymore.”

Purdy, by all accounts, is progressing well in practice and is on track for Week One in Pittsburgh.