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Golden Nuggets: Jalen Graham for QB5?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, August 6th, 2023

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Jalen Graham is just what the 49ers like at LB — he’s a former defensive back (paywall)

“Graham also was the school’s quarterback, leading his team to an 11-2 record his senior year. One of those wins was a dramatic, walk-off victory on the road against Cleveland St. Edward. Wilcher remembers taking a one-point lead with 90 seconds to go.

“I told the kicker: ‘Do not kick the ball deep. Put it on the ground and we’ll be fine. We’ll win the game,’” Wilcher recalled. “This kid kicked the ball deep to their No. 1 player. He takes off and runs it back all the way.”

St. Edward now led by five points, the home crowd erupted and Graham and Cass Tech seemed to be in an impossible situation. On fourth-and-27 and with no time left on the clock, however, he drifted to his left and heaved a pass that descended toward the goal line.

“He threw that bad boy on the run from about 60, 65 yards,” Wilcher said. “It was on the money. The (wide receiver) jumped up, caught it, we scored and — boom! — that was it. The game was over.”

Barrows: 49ers camp: Circus catch highlights Day 9; Jason Poe getting snaps at center (paywall)

To do that, Poe has to master the offense and become a little more of a chatterbox. Foerster said he’s naturally buttoned-up in practice.

“He’s not a very verbal guy (as far as) line calls,” he said. “ … The center has to be able to communicate, and Jason’s got to learn how to do that.”

Silver: 49ers’ defensive backs earned right to strut, now will they get respect? (paywall)

“ As much as the Niners’ DBs loved last year’s defensive coordinator, DeMeco Ryans (now the Houston Texans’ head coach), they feel a sense of simpatico toward his replacement, Steve Wilks. Whereas Ryans, a former standout linebacker, broke into the league coaching that position, Wilks played defensive back at Appalachian State and has been a secondary coach at numerous collegiate and NFL stops.

“I’ve never had a DC that was (previously) a defensive back coach,” said Gipson, now in his 12th NFL season. “You’ve got to be excited, man. He’s looking at the game from a DB’s perspective. He’s real hands-on with us and you can understand what he’s thinking when he’s calling plays, and it’s very beneficial on the back end. He’s like the cool uncle.”

Analyzing Day 9 of the 2023 49ers QB Competition

“Completed 6 of 8 pass attempts, and threw the best pass of training camp. No joke. It was a 35-yard deep pass to Willie Snead, and it soared majestically through the air, split two defenders and hit Snead perfectly in stride....Allen is the best deep thrower on the team. He’s similar to Brian Hoyer, who was a phenomenal deep passer for the 49ers in training camp of 2017. Then the real games started, and he crumbled under the pressure. Allen could be similar. But today, he was excellent. Respect.”

The Good and Not So Good from Day 9 of 49ers Training Camp 2023

“No targets or catches during 11-on-11 team drills, as usual, but he played well during 1 on 1s. First, he beat veteran safety George Odum with an out route for a 15-yard catch. And then during 1-on-1 pass-blocking drills, Latu stonewalled Odum easily. Don’t write off Latu just yet. He has skills.”

Charvarius Ward is teaching — and learning — in the 49ers’ cornerbacks room (paywall)

That’s why he’s so attuned to details in his work with youngsters like Jamison.

“Every day, he’s growing,” Ward said. “He’s doing the small things like running off the field. Talent-wise, he’s good. Now, (the rookies) have got to learn how to be pros. He’s sitting in front of the classroom taking notes every today. I’m impressed.”

Running off the field? Is that also an important DB detail to pay attention to?

Ward nodded vigorously in response.

“We don’t walk off the field,” he said. “We already have good tempo and good energy. If you give up a play, sometimes you want to walk off the field with your head down. No, always keep your head up. Good, positive energy. It’s a discipline thing.”