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Golden Nuggets: Who do you think will have the biggest breakout?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

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Maiocco’s 49ers camp observations: Darnold yet to throw pick

“Are you sure?” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan asked. “I’ll bet you guys . . . are we allowed to bet on that? I thought there was a tip that a guy dove for and got. I’ll check again.”

Regardless, Darnold generally has performed well in training camp and taken care of the football this summer.”

49ers Practice Notes: 3-straight TDs for Purdy, plus a pair of impressive INTs

“Monday’s highlights came from an impressive red zone period from Brock Purdy, and some defensive highlights.”

49ers’ Ambry Thomas, candid and humbled, takes blame for lost year (paywall)

“It’s just realizing you can never get too comfortable,” Thomas said. “Because there’s always somebody trying to work to where you’re at, or trying to get what you have. Last year, I didn’t understand that fully. I feel like I came off a good season my rookie year. And I just didn’t mentally or physically prepare last season. That’s why I ended up in the position I was in.”

Thomas changed his pre-camp preparation this season. He spent much of the 49ers’ six-week break in Dallas working out with Ward, focusing on strength and conditioning in the mornings and doing field work with Ward’s private cornerback coaches in the afternoons.”

Brock Purdy’s rookie scrambling aided 49ers. Should he stay in the pocket? (paywall)

“Darnold’s pick-free summer is partly a reflection of his caution. He has appeared to be more risk-averse than any other QB and has thrown a bevy of screens, dump-offs and checkdowns.”

Kawakami: Trent Williams talks about his new golf passion, the 49ers’ roster, Brock Purdy and more (paywall)

“I had no plans on pursuing golf after that, but when I left, it just kept eating at me, ‘I can’t be this terrible,’” Williams said. “You see an 80-year-old guy hitting a ball straight, you know what I’m saying? So I was, ‘There’s no way I can be this terrible.’ It just became my pastime. I mean, I was golfing in the heat (at his home in Houston), 105 (degrees), six days a week. … It kept me active. Kept me out of the house. Kept me from sleeping in, never wanted to let that tee time get too late where you couldn’t finish or it’d get too hot. And it made me use my brain.”

Williams has always played basketball to keep in shape during offseasons but wisely decided that it was probably time to stay off the court, because hoopers in their mid-30s are just asking for injuries. He also didn’t box much this summer because his trainer was busy. And golf was ideal — light on his body but still engaging.

“I heard Larry (Fitzgerald), not from him himself, but he was telling DeAndre Hopkins and DeAndre Hopkins was telling me, he was saying how golf helped him so much on the back end of his career because it kept him locked in mentally,” Williams said. “It kept his mind sharp. Because we get older, you get into the game, we know everything, so it’s kind of, like, you can fall asleep way easier than it is for a young guy and everything is just going haywire. Their nervous system is always going. On the opposite end, when you’ve been through it, when you’ve seen every look, it’s your 14th training camp, nothing surprises you. What keeps you really locked in?”

What Kyle Shanahan said after 49ers’ 10th training camp practice

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters after Monday’s practice, the 10th of training camp. Here is everything he had to say.”

49ers practice report: Defense has a day behind Clelin Ferrell and Austin Bryant (paywall)

“Ferrell generated pressure and even beat star 49ers left tackle Trent Williams to corral McCaffrey in the backfield.

“I don’t think he knows this, but that’s a guy I grew up watching — I’m from Richmond, Virginia,” Ferrell said of Williams, who played nine seasons for the Washington Commanders before joining the 49ers. “I see his game, and it’s at a level that I feel like I have to bring it every day, just to earn his respect.”

49ers training camp: Five things we’ve learned through the first 9 practices (paywall)

“Davis-Price, who last summer was conspicuous for dropping passes, has been smooth in that area so far. He’s taken perhaps the biggest second-year leap of any 49er.”