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Kyle Shanahan explains why he isn’t stressed about Nick Bosa’s contract extension

It’s not as if Nick Bosa is accustomed to playing many, if any snaps during the preseason.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear that he’s keeping his nose out of any contract affairs involving star edge rusher Nick Bosa. When asked whether he went to John Lynch or Paraag Marathe, Shanahan simply said, “no, definitely not.”

Shanahan doesn’t believe there’s much to talk about from his perspective. Here he is explaining why Bosa’s extension isn’t worth stressing over:

“No, not at all. Because I don’t know if Bosa has ever done a training camp, and he has done pretty good. It’s a little different when you’re a defensive lineman. Everybody wants people here, and you want to do that stuff, but it doesn’t affect the team as much from a defensive end standpoint. I have as much confidence in Nick as any player I’ve ever been around in terms of how he prepares and everything. I know they’re going to get it right, both sides, and I’m excited for when I do see him.”

Shanahan sounded like a person who doesn’t plan to ring the alarms any time soon. He knows Bosa will come into camp in playing shape.

But earlier during his press conference, when asked whether Brock Purdy needs to play during the preseason, Shanahan said, “I think it’s always good to play. I don’t think he has to, a lot of guys don’t have to, but it usually helps.”

For Bosa, there’s one thing coming into training camp in prime physical shape, but it’s another to get into football shape. It’s impossible to simulate game-like situations, and that goes for what the Niners accomplish during practice during the “move-the-ball” periods.

Bosa’s absence helps the 49ers get a better grasp of the rest of the defensive line:

“I think a good amount. I got a pretty good idea just going against them every day. Those guys go hard, they’re a little banged up right now. We’ll see how they are when we go out there. But I know we have a good defensive line. Just hope they can stay healthy; hope they can keep working on their craft to improve while they stay healthy. And as long as they do that, things will be good for us.”

Bosa showing up with a new contract in Vegas to practice against Jimmy Garoppolo would be one heck of a way to make a statement. But, by the sounds of it, we might be a couple of weeks out until we see No. 97.

No need to press the panic button. Not yet, anyway.