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Oren Burks explains the similarities between Brock Purdy and ... Aaron Rodgers

After signing as a free agent from the Green Bay Packers, Oren Burks has seen Aaron Rodgers and Brock Purdy up close. With quotes like these, football is officially back.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Oren Burks was likely going to make the final San Francisco 49ers’ 53-man roster due to his special teams prowess. Burks’ most recent quote may put him in good graces with the 49ers starting quarterback.

The former Green Bay Packers linebacker saw how Aaron Rodgers played quarterback for the first four years of his career. Last year, Burks saw what Brock Purdy brought to the table. Burks was asked what he’s seen in Purdy’s leadership traits and command of an offense compared to Rodgers. So, this quote was put on a platter for the Niners linebacker:

“I would say the poise is very similar, especially coming from a young guy. It’s very rare to see a guy come into the situation he did last year and handle himself like a pro, and ultimately get a chance to play. I think he’s handled that better than any rookie I’ve seen with that opportunity.

I’ve been super proud of Brock, even as a person. He’s a great human being, a great person to be around, and people feed off that. The poise that he has in the pocket, the way he leads the huddles, is different.”

Burks obviously isn’t in the offensive huddle, but that’s another notch on Brock’s belt and could very well be the difference between him and Trey Lance or Sam Darnold. Command is everything. The last thing you want is a quarterback to struggle to spit the play-call out, or not know when to check into the correct plays.

As far as Purdy the person, Kyle Shanahan has done a fantastic job of bringing in quarterbacks that players will vouch for. One of Jimmy Garoppolo’s finest qualities was that every person in the 49ers locker room had his back. You got that feeling last year with Lance, and Christian McCaffrey and George Kittle were at a Warriors game this summer with Sam Darnold.

It’s easy to play for good people.