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Golden Nuggets: Off to Vegas

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

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Hutchinson: 49ers Practice Notes: A contagious case of the drops

“Lance suffered the most drop-related misfortune on Tuesday, going 4-of-8, but dealt three drops.”

Barrows: 49ers practice report: Drops plague receiving corps while D-line grows thinner (paywall)

“Injuries played a huge role as Bryant toggled between injury lists and the active roster over his first three seasons. On Tuesday he also noted that the Lions had him play outside linebacker, which he doesn’t consider his natural position.

“Sometimes I had to go backward, which, if you look at me, I’m not really built to go backward. I’m built to go that way,” he said while pointing straight ahead.

He said the 49ers’ Wide 9 alignment gives him a better opportunity to use his “God-given abilities that not many people have.” As he said that he raised his arms, which measure 34 5/8 inches apiece and which give him an edge in sweeping past blockers. To put that figure in perspective, Bryant’s teammate, 6-foot-6 Arik Armstead, has arms that measure 33 inches.”

What’s a 49ers practice like? We followed Fred Warner during longest session of camp (paywall)

“This is another period in which the coaches mostly are focused on younger players, and Warner takes a moment to chat up former 49ers safety Dashon Goldson, who is one of this year’s coaching fellows.

“He was asking me if I was doing MMA in the offseason,” Warner says. “I told him I just stick to the boxing because in MMA you get rolled up with your knees and stuff. And he said he did MMA back when he was playing. I’ve heard too many stories of guys tearing their ACLs and blowing their knees out ’cause you get in a weird, awkward position on the ground.”

Matt Maiocco discusses likely QB starter for 49ers’ first preseason game

“Trey Lance looks better than he ever has,” Maiocco said. “He’s throwing the ball better. Better mechanics, everything’s tighter. He looks like he’s not thinking and he’s just playing football. And Darnold looks very impressive on the practice field, but I just wonder with Darnold, the knock on him has never been the physical skills. It’s just how quickly he sees the game. So his style and his profile is always going to look really good on the practice field. I just wonder with the knock being on him how he sees the game, how quickly he’s processing and all that, I just wonder if he’s on point when it comes to that.”

NBC Sports Bay AreaMaiocco’s 49ers camp observations: Bryant shines in Bosa’s absence

“He is the undisputed starter, and he showed why coach Kyle Shanahan has such faith in him with one play in particular. Purdy created a window for Aiyuk at the left sideline with a split-second to look to the flat. The subtle movement drew the linebacker on that side to take a couple of steps away from Aiyuk. Purdy took advantage of the opening to hit Aiyuk for a 15-yard gain.”

Breaking down 49ers’ release of unofficial depth chart

“These next two practices in Las Vegas and ensuing preseason games will settle a lot of things, mostly at the back end of the roster.”