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Golden Nuggets: We are officially in the month of NFL football

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, September 1st, 2023

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Kawakami: Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers QB apology tour is over, thanks to Jimmy Garoppolo

“But judging by Kyle Shanahan’s hyper-alert body language and snappy repertoire and John Lynch’s genial directness from the podium on Wednesday, the 49ers’ moody days are over. They’re done with their Lance public sheepishness and they’re happy that Lance seems happy in Dallas now. They’re committed to Brock Purdy, they’re comfortable with Sam Darnold and Brandon Allen as his backups, and if anybody wants to bark at them for how they got here, Shanahan is ready to fire right back.

So yes, I think Garoppolo’s not-so-cryptic recent comment about all the 49ers’ QB machinations the last few years absolutely did perk up the 49ers.”

A look at how badly the 49ers need Nick Bosa, whose holdout continues (paywall)

“Beginning in Week 1, all of a team’s liabilities — and not just its 51 most expensive contracts — will begin counting against the cap. The 49ers, as it currently stands, are projected to be right at that limit. They’ll have little or no financial breathing room.

Bosa’s potential new contract, while it’ll undoubtedly be expensive, should actually free up 2023 salary-cap space — perhaps close to $10 million of it — through the amortization of a large signing bonus. So simple math suggests that a new deal for Bosa is the easiest ticket to giving the 49ers cap flexibility for the 2023 season, during which they’ll need some spending money for roster flexibility to weather the unpredictable twists and turns of an NFL campaign.”

Kyle Shanahan, Steve Wilks intent on fixing 49ers’ preseason run defense woes (paywall)

“A lot of the stars don’t play, which is no excuse,” Wilks said. “My concern is not some of the basic fits — we can correct that. You look at some of the young linebackers that got out of their gaps on basic fits, that turned into an explosive play. Those things are correctable.”

The biggest gash against the 49ers came on a 75-yard touchdown scamper from Chargers running back Joshua Kelley. Rookie linebacker Jalen Graham, who impressed the 49ers this August with his sideline-to-sideline speed, appeared to shoot the wrong gap before safety Tayler Hawkins took an ineffective angle in his attempt to tackle Kelley.”

What Steve Wilks said after Thursday’s 49ers practice

“San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks spoke with reporters after Thursday’s practice. The team is preparing for its Week 1 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here is everything he had to say.”

Will 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan-Brock Purdy partnership remain friction free? (paywall)

“I remember meeting with the receivers and quarterbacks, Shanahan was running the meeting and he was being real,” Purdy said in an interview with the Chronicle. “He was tough. He was like, ‘Brock you need to get off this (read) and throw it off one hitch.’ It was like that every week … He didn’t cut corners with anything......

Shanahan, a self-described perfectionist, has acknowledged his demanding, compliment-light style with his QBs over the years. In Shanahan’s first coordinator role, with Houston in 2008-09, his QB was Matt Schaub, who would review just-played road games with Shanahan on their return home.

“I’d go sit by (Schaub) and I would be like, all right man, you did play really good except for plays nine, 12 and 13,” Shanahan said last year. “And he’d always go, ‘Oh, what about the plays I played good on?’ I’m like, ‘Those don’t matter. That’s what we expect.’”

Shanahan offered that story to highlight Purdy’s tough skin when it came to his tough coaching. Shanahan was enjoying the partnership with Purdy last year because he didn’t have to “worry about how he’s feeling.”

“When you have guys who just want to be coached,” Shanahan said, “and you don’t need to tell them 10 compliments before you tell them a coaching point, then it’s a lot more fun.”

Of course, given Purdy’s status as Mr. Irrelevant last year, he was unlikely to push back on Shanahan’s style.”

49ers announce practice squad, lose 3 players to waivers

“Perhaps the most frustrating departure is undrafted rookie corner D’Shawn Jamison. Jamison was a standout in camp and flashed some return ability to boot, but he was left out of the roster and claimed by the Carolina Panthers.”

Kyle Shanahan provides update on Jake Moody status for Week 1

“[It’s] a lot better than it was a few days ago because he had that strain, he’s kicked here these last couple days and he’s looked good doing it,” Shanahan said. “We’re not pushing him too hard… I’m feeling optimistic he’ll be ready for week one, but if he’s not, we’re not going to jeopardize him. We’ll go with the practice squad kicker and make sure he’s ready for week two.”

John Lynch explains QB shakeup, what changed with Lance since last week

““The arm talent is undeniable. He’s an extremely talented thrower of the football,” Lynch said. “I think what he did is really acclimate well to our offense and we thought he would because some of the things we do — moving the pocket with with the keeper game, play action pass, spreading the ball accurately to our weapons and allowing them to do the rest with run after catch and such — are things he thrives in.”

49ers place young duo on IR, re-sign 2 veteran D-linemen

“The 49ers went through some of that procedural rigamarole to ensure that they could stash a couple promising, but injured young players, and have them return later in the season. Veterans, though, can be cut and brought back to the roster with relative ease.”