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Dan Orlovsky on Brock Purdy: I expect him to play at a pretty high level

Jason Aponte asked the ESPN analyst his thoughts about Brock Purdy

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Dan Orlovosky of ESPN was open for media availability on a conference call yesterday. Each reporter from each team had different questions for the former Lions QB, mostly about quarterbacks.

I had a chance to ask Orlovsky about what he saw from Brock Purdy last season and can that success continue in 2023:

Yeah. So the most impressive thing, and I remember, I don’t know when Brock’s first game was last year.

It might’ve been Miami. But I remember the most impressive thing about Brock was. You saw very quickly he knew where to go with the football. And he knew where to go with the football quickly, you know, and so, and that goes back to that kind of that conversation of processing that I was having with David about Bryce before he knew where to go with the football.

And it happened in a very fast and quick manner. I think that. You were able to do if you were Kyle, you were able to build so much of your past game, and kind of fulfilled it and pre-snap, like, Hey man, we can work horizontally so much because he’s got a really good feel for, you know, the rotation of coverage or the.

The players moving laterally of where to get with the ball and in a really quick time because that’s what their offense is their offenses, at least right now, ball distribution, allowing playmakers to, you know, utilize the space that Kyle creates. And so he did that really, really, really well. Um, I thought he played with a ton of conviction.

And then, you know, the thing that he did that Jimmy didn’t do really was he was so creative. Maybe when the defense won the rep and when you have a guy that is really efficient with his decision-making quickly, and you can then as a play designer be super creative with how you attack space. And then also, he is a tremendous decision maker of when and when not to an athletic enough to go do things with it, and either get out of bad or go create for good.

You know, there’s a lot that you can do offensively. So, I think, you know, that’s kind of the thing that stood out the most. And he was, he was, he wasn’t scared. It was, this wasn’t Charlie check down. This, this was very, very much so a kid that was convicted with what his eyes were telling him to do with the football.

I don’t have a ton of reservations about his game, partly because the body of work isn’t massive, and partly because I have such belief in Kyle and the people around him. Um, so I don’t, I don’t expect any drop-off or slip-off in play. I expect him to play at a pretty high level from the start of this season.

Orlovsky believes Purdy will hit the ground running in 2023, which would be incredible news for the second-year quarterback and the 49ers team.

Below is the video of the conversation: