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Nick Bosa Contract: First 3 years are small but backloaded in the second half

The 49ers are No. 1 in cap space, but there’s a good reason for it.

NFL: 2023 Season Player Headshots Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have made Nick Bosa the highest paid non-quarterback in NFL history by signing a five-year, $170 million contract extension. So, naturally, for 49ers fans the question is: how is the money being used and what happens with the salary cap.

Per Over the Cap, Nick Bosa is under contract for the 49ers through the 2029 season with an estimated $88 million in guarantees. That is of course, six years, which means year six is a void year. On the books is $5.8 million but that can change with the signing bonus being paid out. Obviously, by then, when Bosa is 31 years old, the 49ers can then work a second extension out.

Bosa’s cap numbers for the first three years are at an estimated $11 million (2023), $14.6 million (2024), and $20.5 million (2025). The big cap hits come on the backend; $42 million (2026), $52 million (2027), and $42 million (2028). So listed below:

2023: $11 million
2024: $14.6 million
2025 :$20.5 million
2026: $42 million
2027: $52 million
2028: $42 million
2029: Void ($5.8 million)

Those big years later are obviously going to be a challenge. The 49ers restructured Arik Armstead’s deal and now have $41.5 million in cap space, which is the most in the NFL.

Yes, they have room to move the space over to 2024 to accommodate this deal, but they also have the money needed to get an extension for Brandon Aiyuk done if needed. Having this much cap space looks good on paper, but it’s being done, so they aren’t in cap hell in a couple years. Plus, the cap is going to be going up each year as well, so the 49ers should be in decent shape to take care of these payouts without having to make any sacrifices.

So Bosa gets paid, and the 49ers got their cap wizardry onto it.