An Appraisal of 5th - 7th QB Rookie Picks’ Performance in the 2023 NFL Season


A myriad of headlines developed during the preseason, with many news articles focusing on the quarterback (QB) rookies' battles for roster spots. This 3-game exhibition allowed every QB prospect to play professionally and add value to their respective teams. Since veteran players aren’t fully engaged in preseason battles, rookies have the platform to prove their worth by showcasing their skills. In this article, we appraise the rookie QBs performance in the 2023 NFL season.

Clayton Tune, Arizona Cardinals: B+

Tune’s implausible performance proves that he is Arizona’s best takeaway by finishing this year’s preseason 34-of-59 for 353 yards with one interception and one touchdown. His exemplary play made it comfortable for the Cardinals to waive Colt McCoy.

As a rookie, Tune now stands on the threshold of a multitude of opportunities to make a significant impact on the team. However, at the moment, Josh Dobbs still holds the starting quarterback position for the Cardinals as he awaits the return of Kyler Murray who is recovering from his knee injury. Tune should seize any playing opportunity and keep on perfecting his NFL journey.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Cleveland Browns: A

Browns’ Dorian Thompson-Robinson was exceptional during the preseason. He showcased his intriguing mobility and strong arms and ended the exhibition with 37 of 58 attempts. He managed to collect 440 yards and two scores without interceptions. Moreover, on 14 carries, he added 69 rushing.

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Sean Clifford, Green Bay Packers: B+

Since his arrival at the Green Bay Packers, Clifford has always delivered impressive performances. He was picked after the team traded the legendary Aaron Rodgers in April to the New York Jets. In the exhibitions, Clifford finished with 41-of-57 passes for 391 yards, two picks, one touchdown, and chipped in 37 rushing yards. His standout preseason performance has solidified his position in the Packers' future plans, as head coach Matt LaFleur has designated him as Jordan Love's trusted backup.

Jaren Hall, Minnesota Vikings: B-

This 5th-round pick from the BYU Cougars Football Team led the offensive against the Cardinals, in a game that concluded with a narrow 18-17 loss at the Bank Stadium. Despite the difficulties in the game, Hall's gameplay was swift, as he completed 4 of 5 passes and 2 possessions that led to a touchdown.

This exemplary rookie is now ready to take on the 2023 NFL season as he features on the Vikings’ roster after completing 26-of-48 throws for 264 yards. The head coach Kevin O’Connell believes Hall is a promising QB who is worth mentoring. He is definitely set to become an exceptional QB if he continues to refine his poise and skills.

Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles: B

The Eagles took in Tanner McKee after Hurts failed to get preseason snaps. MacKee’s preseason debut against the Ravens made his star shine brightly. His willingness and decisiveness to push for a win was unmatched. During this game, he completed 10 of 20 passes for 148 yards, with an impressive 7.4 yards for each attempt.

MacKee ended the exhibitions 39 of 72 for 453 yards with zero giveaways and one touchdown in his first two outings with the Eagles. Clearly, McKee is showing immense potential as a quarterback for the Eagles, and this hints at a bright future ahead for both him and the team.

Max Duggan, Los Angeles Chargers: D+

Duggan was this year’s 7th-round pick but couldn’t secure the NFL backup QB spot because he lost to Easton Stick. This loss was due to his limited action during the preseason. Although underused, Duggan finished 6 of 12 passes for 34 yards, with no interception and a touchdown. Since the Chargers may opt to waive this rookie QB, he can search for a team to kick-start his NFL career. Meanwhile, he may use his time at the Chargers team’s practice squad to continue perfecting his football skills.

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