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Golden Nuggets: Who do you think will have a big game on Sunday?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

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49ers overreactions: Will Brock Purdy be franchise QB?

“Right now, nobody is giving any thought to the possibility of the 49ers being in the market for another starting quarterback at any point down the road.

Therefore, Purdy is viewed as the 49ers’ long-term starter. And, by definition, that means he is the franchise quarterback.

And, while we’re at it, let’s re-address the first statement about Purdy’s arm strength.

Joe Montana and Steve Young are the best quarterbacks in franchise history. There are a lot of qualities that made them great. And it’s safe to say that “accuracy” and a handful of other attributes rank many spots ahead of “arm strength” for both of those Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks.”

Brandt claims 49ers QB Purdy looks like ‘young Russell Wilson’

“Purdy’s timing, anticipation and accuracy greatly resemble that of Wilson in his early playing years. Both quarterbacks are great at sensing the pass rush coming and finding ways to escape it. While Purdy isn’t as quick as Wilson was, the second-year pro has sneaky athleticism displayed in flashes on the field.

They both also hardly ever panic, even in the most tense situations, something extremely important for an NFL quarterback.

Sure, Purdy doesn’t have the strongest arm in the world and certainly doesn’t possess Wilson’s deep ball, but it’s good enough to get the job done. And it’s worked just fine so far.”

49ers mailbag: Why didn’t Kyle Shanahan pull starters sooner? What’s the plan at RT? (paywall)

“Which is to say, if ever there was a matchup that lent itself to a bigger nickel back like Oliver, Sunday’s was it. And yet the 49ers initially went with Lenoir.”

49ers’ game review: Brock Purdy’s great escapes; no escaping Fred Warner (paywall)

“Instead, Purdy, not a dual-threat QB in the traditional sense (he has 33 rushing yards in six career starts), has shown the ability to elevate Shanahan’s attack by flourishing when the pre-snap script falls apart. Fox analyst Daryl Johnston twice termed Purdy “sneaky athletic” Sunday. And general manager John Lynch recently acknowledged that the quality that helped sell coaches on Purdy as the long-term answer last season caught him off guard.”

Brandon Aiyuk discusses Patrick Peterson matchup on KNBR

“I said earlier after the game, I’ve got to know Pat a little bit now,” Aiyuk said on Murph & Mac Tuesday. “Seen him three, four times. Got to practice with them, played him a couple times. But just knowing the player that he is, I definitely, definitely enjoy scoring on him. That’s all it was. Nothing that he said. He’s just talking. He’s a vet, he knows how to say things.

“His goal was maybe trying to get in Purdy’s head or maybe getting to Kyle, who knows? Or maybe just speaking a pick for himself into existence, who knows? But Pat’s a great competitor and we love playing against Pat.”