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Golden Nuggets: Brandon Aiyuk plays football in 3 days

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, September 14th, 2023

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Javon Kinlaw shows vast improvements in 49ers’ Week 1 win

“Shanahan took notice of Kinlaw’s first snap of the game, when he blasted through an attempted double-team block of Steelers center Mason Cole and left guard Isaac Seumalo.

His penetration enabled linebacker Fred Warner to fill the gap and blast running back Najee Harris for a 2-yard loss.”

49ers need Colton McKivitz, Spencer Burford to be sharp against Rams’ Aaron Donald (paywall)

“The (false start) is just attention to detail,” Burford said. “The entire stadium realized it but not me. All of that is going to get cleaned up this week. We’re going to have a great week.”

McKivitz said that his problems in Week 1 centered on a failure to efficiently use the full length of his body when Watt aimed to blast around him with speed moves.

“That was the game plan all week — inside shoulder and run him high,” McKivitz said. “Because that’s what he wanted to do was run the hoop. Those two reps there in the third, with the short corner, that’s what got me.

“The biggest thing is going out there at practice and getting more depth on the sets and using the length I have, having a bounce-back game and playing with length.”

49ers’ Nick Bosa, dealing with aching neck, sounds pained by Week 1 output (paywall)

“Bosa was moving his sore neck from side to side as he spoke with reporters at his locker, but he sounded more pained by his season-opening performance against the Steelers, which included one solo tackle and a QB hit. He referenced one of his stats when asked when he felt he got in the flow of Sunday’s game.”

49ers’ Brandon Aiyuk named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

“Aiyuk is the first 49ers offensive player to earn player of the week since McCaffrey’s Week 8 performance against the Los Angeles Rams last season.”

Kawakami: The 49ers’ big ambitions, $42 million in cap space and some potential trade opportunities (paywall)

“That’s why I can’t be the only one who was struck by the timing of the 49ers’ cap maneuverings last week. They could’ve done the three restructures later in the season, just in time to roll the new space over into 2024. But they did it now in case anybody valuable pops up on the trade market, the way McCaffrey popped up last October. And if the market turns out to be cold, the 49ers can still roll the cap space over.”

Kyle Shanahan discusses philosophy on when to take players out in big wins

“That [Detroit game] was the biggest one that was like, ‘Never again,’ because we took out a lot of people and I still can’t believe how that happened. I’ve had to go back and keep watching because it doesn’t sound believable, but it is.

But to me in particular, I’ve seen things get out of hand and close but nothing as scary as that Detroit one. But it’s something I always watch around to league. We see it. Stuff happens fast. If you just go three-and-out, the clock’s different now…It’s something you’ve got to be aware of.”

Kyle Shanahan previews 49ers-Rams Week 2 matchup

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters before Wednesday’s practice, as the team prepares for its Week 2 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Here is everything he had to say.”

49ers should consider move for former star tackle who just hit free agency

“If he can get healthy, Collins would be a massively low risk, high-reward option. It’s the same thesis as when the 49ers spun the wheel on Jason Verrett, who they got a tremendous 2020 season out of.”

What ‘football nerd’ CMC appreciates most about 49ers’ offense

“To me, you see the purpose of how the system is supposed to work, and you see why people are put in the positions that they’re in,” McCaffrey told Shaw. “That’s a very broad definition of the offense. It gets much more detailed than that. But in theory, to me that is what is so fun to watch as a football nerd is how are we trying to execute on every play? And what is this play setting up? And when it is set up, how are you supposed to execute that?

“It all forms together as one. You feel the teamwork in that. If one guy is off a little bit, the whole play can be messed up. But if everyone is on, it’s pretty fun.”