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49ers to wear their home jerseys Sunday; Niners fans expected to take over SoFi

The 49ers are hoping to make Levi’s South their own once again

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The 49ers head to Los Angeles to take on the Rams at SoFi Stadium this Sunday. For those that have never been when the Niners are in town, SoFi looks more like Levi’s South, as the stadium is covered in a sea of red.

San Francisco announced that they’ll wear their red home jerseys in Week 2:

This won’t be the first time SoFi Stadium feels like a home game for the 49ers. The feeling of Los Angeles being a home game has been consistent under Kyle Shanahan.

According to Vivid Seats’ Fan Forecast, which projects crowd outcomes, 64 percent of the crowd at SoFi Stadium will be red and gold.

To give you an idea of how much more popular the 49ers are in the state of California than the Rams, the Niners have the Rams beat 44 counties to five:

Matthew Stafford was forced to go on a silent count in a previous outing, something he said he’s never had to do before in a home game.

So, if you’re headed to the game this weekend, you’ll see plenty of fans wearing the same color as you.