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Punterville State of the Punter: Mitch Wishnowsky put on a punting clinic against Steelers

Punterville packed in punting punishment in Pittsburgh

NFL: Preseason-Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Mayor of Punterville here.

Citizens, in our utopia of punting play we have been helping build a neighboring metropolis. You know it as Kickertown. Our hero, Mitch Wishnowsky gave aid to Kickertown as their own revered hero, Jake Moody decided to give the Steelers only a taste of his power. Moody only kicked field goals, and what goals did he kick as he didn’t even let their “Welcome to the NFL” shenanigans deter him.

So what did our own hero help with? What powers of Moody did he conceal? Why kickoffs of course. Wishnowsky didn’t find it appropriate for Moody to give a full demonstration of his power, and stepped in to give a sort of misleading idea of just how the San Francisco 49ers Special Teams will be. What did he do? He gave the Pittsburgh Steelers a (slim) chance. His kickoffs were averaging 30.3 yards on return. He could have booted it right onto the goal line for an average of 5 yards, but our hero is an upstanding man who wants to make others feel good about themselves.

That is, unless you ask him to demonstrate his own powers of punting. Then all bets are off. Wishnowsky took a bit of time to get a punt off because the 49ers offense really didn’t need him, but when he took the field he made sure to make everyone know who he was.

That’s just one of his three punts against the Steelers. An average of 44.7, his longest was 56 yards, and all three of them went inside the 20-yard line. This display of punting perfection made it so 49ers special teams could have a simple day.

As far as his kickoff duties, Wishnowsky might be turning that over to Moody as Moody is unable to conceal and contain his power the way Wishnosky can.

Citizens, it’s a good day for Punterville and our neighboring Kickertown. Our kicks and punts will make a grand Metropolis. One that will even get an In-N-Out Burger.

Tell me, how do you feel of the state of Punterville?


State of Punterville?

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